practice oddball shots

this is one of those posts that started off as a question to myself.  do i practice shots other than the obvious stuff?

for those that are serious students of pool, we’ve all done the standard drills and break practices.  we’ve played countless games of [insert game of choice], and tried to perfect kicking and safeties.  then i asked myself:

do i practice massé?  jump shots?  how about jacked up over a ball?  shoot with the cueball stuck to the rail?  shoot where you have to bridge funny?  practice with the mechanical bridge?  the pathetic answer is that i don’t practice any of these things.

i think i unconsciously avoid them because they’re not fun to practice.  these are the shots i try to avoid, but like any other shot, i won’t get better at them unless i sit down and shoot them over and over again until i can do it without thinking.  so these oddball shots will have to become my next area of focus.  i’d like my break to be bigger also, but these will come first.

one of these days i should remind myself to stop being so self-analytical.  in the meantime, off to practice i go.

6 comments on “practice oddball shots

  1. Yeah, it ain’t fun practicing hard stuff, but as you know, that’s the only way to get more comfortable with it. I especially hate having to jack up over a ball. Having relatively smaller hands, it’s really hard to get the height. Even if you just practice the shot five times, it is still practicing. 🙂

  2. I would say being self-analytical is a good thing…being self-critical maybe not so good. Either way, you need to practice areas of weakness. When you are playing games, take note of the shots or situations that give you trouble. Those are the areas that you need to work on in practice.

  3. I’ve noticed, when I’m practicing with a friend, is when I’ll take a non-routine shot (or shot that’s harder for me). I feel like its more of a “real game situation”. I think that then – when I’m in a real match – it feels comfortable to take those shots again.

    • yeah. i’m planning on practicing weird shots like a drill. this way i’ll develop muscle memory. well, as much as my hand can take anyway. bridging over a ball is tiring if i do it repeatedly!

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