poolSynergy, volume fünfzehn

this is volume fifteen of poolSynergy.  welcome back, and thanks for reading this post.

the topic for volume XV is “team play”.

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below is my post for this month.  enjoy.

this month, our host gary frerking asks us contributors to write about team play.  i must be honest here and say that i have practically ZERO team pool experience; i don’t play leagues, i don’t play doubles, i don’t manage a team . . . heck, i’ve never even been asked to join any team.  so i will write about team pool from the only viewpoint i know: as a spectator.

i’ve not seen the apa matches on espn, so the ones i’ve watched are the world team championships and the mosconi cup.  those matches are exciting!  i think when you mix nationalism with team sports, you’ll get a very emotional crowd as well as competitors.  you can practically feel the air stand still as each team member steps to the table . . . it’s great drama.

speaking of drama, what i’m really hoping is more coverage of behind-the-scenes human drama, perhaps some sort of special on the teams themselves.  basically, you get a camera to follow a team around as they practice and prepare for the event; then, a mini-bio of sorts on each team member.  but i’d want to see that done with an amateur team.  for some reason, profiling amateur players seem so much more human; i don’t know why, it just seems that way.  i mean, if a camera follows a player around who’s not that good, struggles on the table, but practices his/her a~* off just to prepare for an event . . . there’s good human drama.  you also introduce (maybe) the juggling between work, family, and pool, it has the potential to be a compelling documentary.  for example, we hear amy chen winning the apa women’s championship.  but who the heck is amy chen?  where is she from?  how did she get her start?  what does she do?  her friends and family may know, but it’s likely no one else does.  what about raymond linares, the winner of the apa men’s championship?  who is he?  what does he do?  where did he get his start?  these are just names on a piece of paper, or a short line on some billiard news somewhere.  but add some background, some life story . . . all of a sudden, you have a flesh-and-blood person you can identify with.  imagine, say, andy chen (of TAR) following omg and her team around, or the KOD squad . . . it could be tv magic.  at least some excellent podcasts.  😀

one of the series i enjoyed watching is nimrod nation.  the series producer took an average high school team and told the human stories behind it . . . i want that with pool.

so here’s hoping that the producers of the mosconi cup (or maybe nathan demoulin of mastering pool fame) will cover some amateur events and profile some of the teams in the process; aspiring videographers and filmmakers need not be shy.  i believe you can find great stories to tell.

6 comments on “poolSynergy, volume fünfzehn

  1. AMEN!!! Great read Hairloop!! I hope someone takes notice!

    BTW, I think Gary is right, it IS because you don’t use the Shift Key that you get your articles in the quickest. That shift key is a real time whore!


  2. He doesn’t use the shift key because he is actually an eagle typing with his talons. Eagles don’t have the time to hit the shift key.

    Also, I wanted to note that I would NEVER be a member of any team or organization that would have me as a member.

  3. Your idea would probably result in an excellent documentary, but it’s a lot of investment with a big risk, i.e., that the team being followed doesn’t get far.

    • hi john. what you said is true, but you can always follow multiple teams and tell a bunch of stories at once. many police reality shows (e.g., cops, dallas swat, alaska state troopers) use such technique for their shows. the important thing is to have coverage on the players so they are more than just names.

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