a reprieve

i’ll be busy taking care of some personal stuff for awhile–probably until the end of january.  as a result, there will (most likely) not be any new posts during that time.  however, feel free to munch on my old posts; i’ll try to reply to comments in a timely fashion.  i may put something up sporadically, but don’t count on it.  anyway, have fun playing pool.  if you get bored with my crap, visit the other blogs i have listed to waste away those boring hours at the office.

5 comments on “a reprieve

  1. You and me both! I’ve only posted twice this month. Just too many things going on. I haven’t picked up a cue in *gasp!* 5 days! 😉

    • i WISH i am hibernating…that’d mean i get to chill. unfortunately i got a bunch of stuff to do, so blogging and pool playing are taking a back seat. hopefully i’ll get everything done so i can get back to my normal schedule.

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