strange escapist behavior of the creature from the black lagoon

i know this is a really late-night post, but i just came back from the 2011 swannee memorial tournament, so i have an excuse.  by the way, congratulations to the lion for winning the whole enchilada by beating mitch ellerman 11-5, or at least i think that’s the score.

alas, while the dramatic action took place center stage on the famed table six of hard times, there was a lesser drama perhaps in scale, but grander in its intensity, that took place four tables down.  let us introduce the dramatis personae:

the first pic requires no introduction.  it’s the famed omg of omgwtf, er, fame.  pics two through four are of a female player from north carolina named asia.  or asya.  or asea.  maybe it’s ayy-seeya.  (more on that in a minute.)  it’s kind of like the whole bruce lee/bruce le/bruce li deal; who knows how the spelling goes.  anyway, that’s the creature from the black lagoon.  i’m putting up three pics because there doesn’t seem to be any good pics of her, and her facebook page is no longer valid when i checked it 10 minutes ago.  (of course, i don’t have a facebook account so maybe i can’t access it.  the name is GoldenchildMVP, i believe.  there is a thread up on azbilliard forum already.)  apologies for my craptastic pics; i couldn’t exactly use flash.  😦

anyway, the story was that omg & ayy-seeya set up a match of race to 21 for $2000.  apparently there were plenty of back & forth with the negotiations, but finally the creature agreed to play.  (omg, of course, needed no such prodding.)  both players showed up on the second day of the swannee tournament to cross swords.  originally omg wanted someone to hold the cash, but the creature said that she was from out of state and didn’t trust anyone with her $$$.  so each player held on to her own pieces of gold and the match commenced.  omg managed to pull out a 13-6 lead; the creature excused herself for a ciggy break.  and then . . .

ayy-seeya pulled a see-ya, and promptly disappeared into the night.  yes, she skedaddled.  and left her cues and case at the pool hall.  behold, the gory evidence:

in case you can’t read what the red stickers say, it’s the word “fragile”.  omg joking said that the sticker reflected the creature’s ego.  😛  contents: two crappy cues in dinged-up condition.  some sundry accessories.  a bunch of used chalk.  total value: $10-$20, assuming you can find a buyer that actually want the pieces of s~*.  a kind gentleman offered to buy it as a memento, and omg agreed to let the gent have the stuff if he paid the table time.  the transaction completed soon after.

the good thing was that omg was holding her own money, so she didn’t really lose anything other than some time.  however, there were some speculations that the creature didn’t have the money to begin with; i don’t believe omg saw the creature’s money before the match started.  well, if the creature did have the cash, it was likely some backer(s) gave her the $2000.  if so, the creature made $2000.  she now just has to make sure her backer, if there was one (or several), doesn’t catch up to her.  if the creature didn’t have the moola, she just avoided a titanic beating of the flesh (and possibly stabbing of the soft tissues).  feel free to speculate, gentle readers.

omg kind of blamed herself for not posting the cash on top of the light.  in truth, the blame lies entirely with the creature, who used deception and pond-scum tactics to weasel out of her obligations.  the only thing omg can blame herself for is matching up with lowlifes.  also, omg mentioned that the creature was talking down to her the whole time, and it was very possible that the creature thought she could run right through omg.  for anyone that’s held a cue for some time, you know there is no such thing as a lock.  you can achieve perhaps 99% chance of winning, but there is no 100% game out there.  i’ve seen no-name amateurs beat touring pros at tournaments, with only one game on the wire as the handicap.  the same amateur, who on any other day would’ve been beaten by the same pro 7-0, somehow caught fire that ONE day to pull off a win.  if you think you can just show up to collect the cash, you are dumber than rock.  you still have to get up there and beat the other player; there are no absolute guarantees in pool.

once again, there are more evidence to prove snarky’s belief that pool is populated by malcontents and lowlifes.  the creature manged to pull another layer of disrepute on the game of pool, another layer that the rest of us are stuck with to slave over to slough off.  ma’am, of all the players of the brotherhood and sisterhood of pool, you have shamed us all.  you must be so proud.  the sad thing is that she will never read this post, will never feel sorry, and will continue in her dishonor, because she thinks she can get away with it.  but ma’am, this is the age of the internet.  you can never be rollo tomasi, especially with those biga~* tats you’re sporting.  we are on to you.

more to follow.

[just a quick note: apparently a bunch of forum members on azbilliards figured out who the creature was.  her name is asia cycak.  if you read the forum thread, some of the members put up a bunch of pictures of ms. cycak before they could be removed.  i think ms. cycak removed both her facebook and azbilliard forum profiles, as well as the pictures.  someone even found a video of ms. cycak playing.  anyhoo, mystery solved.]

[feb 15, 2011: another note.  omg just mentioned that she did see ms. cycak’s money,  so i’ll go back to my first speculation that she jacked her backer’s $$$.  and to borrow a phrase from snarky, thanks for the link love omg.  i’m flattered.  :)]

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    • nah, i just got lucky with this one michael. all i planned to do was to watch the swannee tournament, and i had no idea omg was playing. normally omg helps out with streaming and commentaries, but when i saw her put her cues together i figured something was up. then asia escaped. oscar & ernesto dominguez were watching the omg match, as well as a handful of folks who sat down to spectate. there were many people as witnesses; i just happened to write a quick post about the event.

      like i said, i got lucky.

  2. Oh those silly gamblers, always looking for ways to get over on others. Really hate to see this happen to Ms. M since she is one of the few honorable gamblers, but I can’t say I’m surprised.

    • surprised? probably not. shocking? oh yes, especially at hard times when the finals of the swannee tournament was going on. if ms. cycak had a backer to front her the cash, i just hope he/she/they isn’t/aren’t the violent sort. if so, she has nastier problems to worry about than the pool community. however, she chose to run; in a free society, choices are accompanied by consequences.

      of course, ms. cycak had no intention to run until the score was 13-6. when the going gets tough, the not-so-tough gets running.

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