some thoughts on the cycak incident

with all the stuff that happened during the match between omg and cycak, i have some thoughts i’ll just jot down here.  i went the the swannee tournament only to watch the matches; i had no idea omg was playing cycak.  typically omg would help out the live stream crew and maybe do some commentaries, as well as whatever else that needed a hand like interacting with online spectators.  when i saw her went to the back of the tournament room & put her cue together, i had a hunch that omg was in action & decided to run back and forth between the swannee matches and the omg match.  i didn’t know the person who played omg, and the people i asked had no clue.  anyway, i ended up taking a few pics of the omg match.  honestly, i thought this would be a one-paragraph writeup: omg vs. so and so, and (insert winner’s name) won.  i hadn’t started on a swannee post yet, but i figured the omg match would be a cool item to end the article.  little did i know the paradigm would be turned upside down, and the omg match would end up as the main feature.  i happened to catch the story, and decided to rush out a post right after the tournament.  thanks to omg’s link, quite a few people read my post to find out what happened; for those that read my article, my sincere gratitude.  i appreciate your readership.  and thanks again to omg for the link.

i found the idea that ms. cycak thought she could waltz in and rob omg to be quite funny.  first of all, you’ll never know if your opponent would catch fire, even the weakest opponents, let along someone who’s seen plenty of action and tournaments.  second, the tables at hard times are killer.  you all know about the pockets on table six now; however, you may not know that the pockets on the rest of the tables are only 0.25″ wider.  the pockets on table ten were roughly 4.25″ wide, plus they spit out a million balls.  i watch people miss shots at hard times that’d drop practically anywhere else on a daily basis; on the tournament side, there are no easy tables.  unless you’re a top pro, those tables can take you down a playing level; if you’re a b+ player, you may go down to a b or a b- at hard times just for the equipment.  omg, having played on those tables before, knew what to expect, but i don’t think ms. cycak had any idea how the hard times tables worked.  hey, that’s what happens when your head gets too big: you stop doing your homework.  if ms. cycak had bothered to ask around or did some serious practice on the table a few days before the match, she would have noticed how those pockets played and adjusted accordingly.  (this is besides the point, but watch the oscar vs. morra match and you’ll notice that oscar played safeties on seemingly makable shots because of the pockets.  oscar should know; his dad ernesto maintains the tables at hard times.  the pockets on table six are always that tight; that’s how ernesto had them set up, and he never changed it.)

moral of the story?  if you want to set up a legitimate match, do your homework beforehand, don’t get big-headed, and always be ethical and courteous.  if you can’t pay, don’t play.  speaking of which, ms. cycak owes omg money for forfeiting the match.  ma’am, do the right thing.

since omg still has her money, i wonder if she’ll use it to set up that andoni rematch.  time will tell.