there are some things that kind of make me sad.  just some reflections.  (no, i’m not feeling down or anything.)

1. dead blogs without a goodbye 😦
blogs are weird things.  on one hand, you can make it so intensely personal that you create a private blog, with an audience of one.  it’s basically an online diary where you can put down the craziest of thoughts and no one will see it.  you can have a members-only blog where only the select members can read what you write, and maybe comment and post articles (if you allow it); that’d be a semi-private blog.  or you can leave it wide open, and the blog becomes a tool for social interaction through the exchange of comments; this would be a public blog.  if, after considering the many levels of access, a blogger decides to make the blog public, it’s a bid sad to see the blog die from inactivity.  i mean, the reader has to invest time, energy, and emotion into reading a blog; after a period of such investment, the reader may start to feel connected to the writer in a more than superficial way.  (a good example is the blog hyperbole and a half, where the writer allie brosh routinely gets 3-5 million hits per month.  her readers definitely feel connected to her.)  after you have this intellectual and/or emotional connection (especially if you have exchanged comments with the blog writer), imagine all of a sudden the blog stops dead in its tracks.  no explanation.  not even a goodbye.  it kind of bums you out.  i really enjoyed ms. rousey’s blog; through it she was funny, genuine, open, and gracious to her fans.  but now the blog has been inactive since august of 2010, without a goodbye.  that kind of makes me sad.

2. ethical confusion
as most of you know now, azb’s forum members started a thread on ms. cycak and her recent shenanigans.  i tried to follow it loosely, but there were just way too many comments so i basically gave up.  however, a number of posters opined that the incident was basically omg’s fault for not posting the money.  granted they may have a point pragmatically speaking, but what they should have done was to condemn the actual culprit—the person who welshed the bet.  first and foremost, ms. cycak was the person who started the whole mess.  she initiated the bet, then she ran out of the bet.  somehow, those that blamed omg failed to see this simple fact and act as if ms. cycak did nothing wrong.  well, she did do something wrong.  this lack of ethical clarity makes me sad.  if i were unkind, i would apply the label revisionist.  you don’t want to know what revisionists did.  (okay, maybe i’m getting a little mad as well.)

3. shady people in pool
it’s a tragedy that pool is surrounded by shady people, from your lowly pool hustler up to pirates like trudeau.  i wish they’d leave pool alone.

4. hardheaded players who never improve even after years of practice
hardheadedness makes me sad.  some players can learn so much more if they just open their minds a little and see what’s possible.  guys like ck, ufo, and ob can do so much more if they just stepped out of their boxes a little . . .

on a lighter note, i really enjoy this recipe by paula deen.

1 single leaf of spinach
18 pounds of unsalted butter
2 pounds of salted butter (to reduce salt intake)
29 pounds of brown butter
77 pounds of good white french butter
70 pounds of garlic infused butter
39 pounds of truffle infused butter
one single granule of pecan (y’all!)

fortunately, pool is its own best therapy.  i already feel better after a couple of games.  🙂  now back to more pool.

11 comments on “melancholically

  1. You know what is funny – the other day I was thinking of the writing the same thing as your first point. I have realized that there are so many blogs out there, and also a lot of dead blogs. I wonder what the statistics are.

    I agree with you that it is sad when blogs just die. I guess life just gets in the way for a lot of people, and it is sad to the readers when a blog dies with no explanations. I get tired of waiting for people to write, so that’s why I add and remove my reading blog list often.

    Point #2 – old news, old news. I agree with everything you say about ms. cycak. This just adds to your third point.

    As for Paula Deen’s recipe, I think you are mistaken, it is 25 pounds of unsalted butter and 35 pounds of brown butter. Remember, each pound of butter changes the recipe!

    • what bothers me more is the folks that thought omg was to blame. she would’ve honored her bet. it irritates me that the people that blamed omg couldn’t see this simple fact. kind of makes you wonder what else they’re willing to overlook.

  2. When it comes to dead blogs, I can tell you that this typically happens for a few different reasons. Like you said, often this happens when life gets in the way. Two of the biggest reasons that blogs die though are:

    #1. The author is no longer interested in the topic. Most blogs have a particular focus or slant. If the author loses passion for the topic, they will often simply stop blogging.

    #2. They feel like the blog is an exercise in futility. Most people blog to be heard, but if they feel like no one is listening, they’ll lose the passion to keep writing.

    Ultimately it is the feedback loop that keeps people blogging. When someone posts and they get comments, they feel like they’re reaching people and continue to blog. When they write post after post and no one bothers to leave comments, it can get extremely discouraging.

    • thanks for commenting mr. feiman. very good insights you posted here. the thing is that since the blog author doesn’t tell us why he/she stops blogging, we readers won’t know the reason for that particular blog. in general i’d definitely agree with your logic.

      btw, you just gave me an idea for a new post. much appreciated.

    • I agree with point #2. Why write, when no one is reading. For my blog, I will always know that at least p00lriah reads what I write, even though it is usually not related to pool, bless his heart that he finds time to read and to comment on it. p00lriah, thank you.

      • don’t forget omg. i believe she’s also a devoted fan. 😛 besides, it’s you i should thank for shooting from the hip; genuine voices on blogs are crazy cool to me. don’t like it when a blog author tries to make everything all shiny and happy and upbeat, but in a very insincere manner.

  3. #2 is really the reason why I rarely post to my personal blog anymore. I have all sorts of things to say, but the only reason people stumble upon my blog is that I rank well in Google for goatheads (those little prickers that get stuck in your bike wheel) and the stupid wii fit pig.

    I got re-motivated when I went to a search engine show as I got some reads on a post about trade show swag, but after a week or so, it was back to my standard goathead traffic.

    • haha…that goathead bit is pretty funny. i’m thinking maybe i should move up that post (the one you gave me the idea for). stay tuned, mr. feiman.

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  5. The people who blame omg for not having Cycak post are the same people who think it is ok for two players in the final of a tournament to “split the difference” and let one guy win. These people blame the promoter for not having a large enough prize fund. Their rationale is that the players are only doing what is necessary to survive. They think collusion is ok because no one gets hurt, right?

    • i see people agree to split the tournament locally all the time, but it’s always done in the open, and the scoreboard always reads “split”. i’m ok with splits when the players do it openly, with the tournament director’s approval. (a lot of times people do this b/c it’s late and they have to work the next day.) if they make the agreement in secret, then it’s the wrong thing to do; most likely the players are trying to cash in on side bets by splitting in the dark. that i do not condone. what saddens me is that underhandedness and duplicity in pool are the norm, not the exception. i think this type of mentality is the parasite that saddles pool and prevents the game from growing.

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