a little while ago i was practicing at my fave PH, just hitting balls & getting in stroke.  a few tables over a small group gathered randomly to shoot different shots and chat about pool.  when a player on that table hit this one shot, one of the gents said this: “that’s a one pocket shot.”  hmm.

a one pocket shot?  really?

you mean to say that when i’m playing 9-ball, 8-ball, or straight pool, i’m forbidden to use that shot because it’s a “one pocket shot”?  really?

about a year ago i came to the realization that there are no one pocket shots, no 9-ball shots, no straight pool shots, or whatever game shots.  there are just shots.  warren kiamco, not particularly known for his one pocket game, could and did run out racks of one pocket because he knows shots, and he knows the cueball; i sat there and watched him do this with my own eyes.  he didn’t possess magical abilities or had weird secret knowledge; he just coupled his quite abundant pool talents with a lot of practice and experience.  so what if he didn’t move the cueball like a “one pocket player”?  so what if he didn’t play the “one pocket shots”?  he got out.  and out.  and out.

the more we learn, the less limit we place on ourselves, the stronger as a player we become.  one man trains an army of a thousand.  one shot turns into a thousand.  i believe the military jargon is “force multiplier”.  depending on your creativity and your imagination, you shape the shot into whatever you want it to be, to whatever situation you need it to be in.

there are no one pocket shots.  or 9-ball shots.  or 8-ball shots.  there are just shots.

unleash pool.  play it boundlessly.

4 comments on “boundlessly

  1. Did you happen to see why the player called it a “one pocket shot”? I agree with you about shots being just shots. How would you categorize, safety shots, power shots, draw shots, luck shots (is there even such a thing)?

    • i didn’t see why the guy called it a one-pocket shot; i just saw the shot & heard the comment. i think after playing a game for awhile, people tend to slap labels on things, an act i consider unnecessary. i do believe you can define luck shots though: a luck shot is a shot that gives you a favorable result, but you did not intend to play the shot. this is why i like to see call shots in tournaments.

      • Say I’m playing 8-ball, and the 8-ball is a hanger in the jaws of the pocket. If instead of sinking it in my called pocket I manage to pull it out of the pocket and bank it to the other side of the table….I’d probably call that a one-pocket shot.

        • that’s just a bank shot. you can use the same shot playing bca 7-ball. 😛

          i’m not saying you can’t apply labels to things. i just think that done excessively, you can stifle your creativity at the table.

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