a little post that’s off-topic.  hey, change of pace makes things less boring.

you may notice that i showcase different albums on a semi-regular basis.  before i get into the selection process, let me tell you about a hobby i enjoy aside from pool.  here’s a picture of my objet de convoitise.

i can’t afford it of course, but it’s fun to drool over the picture.  yeah, i like stereos.  hopefully i’ll be able to upgrade to something like this in the future, although there’s no possible justification to plunk down money on this kind of gear when you can go out & get a nice used car with the same amount of $$$.  but who says love isn’t blind?

anyway, because i enjoy stereo equipments, i look for music that’ll sound good through my gears.  i’m probably stereotyping here (no pun intended), but a lot of pop albums sound like absolute crap: overcompressed, over-amped, too much loudness added.  plus, most pop albums out right now have no depth or meaning; it’s throwaway music that’s gone in three months, and you can’t even remember what song that was afterward, let along why you liked it in the first place.  britney?  christina?  pul-eezze.  this is why a large number of albums i showcase are classical or jazz cds; they typically sound good, and it’s material you can listen to over and over again.  the albums i pick either sound good, or they have some importance (e.g., a historically important album); although i predominantly select classical and jazz albums, i do use some pop and rock music if i liked what i heard.

if you want good sound on the cheap, the best way is to get a pair of decent headphones.  (i’m assuming you have some kind of music player.)  i like the MDR-V150 made by sony; it sounds good and very wallet friendly.  the price ranges from $20-$25, although i did find a pair at target on sale for $18 something.  best buy, walmart or target typically has them, or you can get it online.  it is a little bulky, so i only use them at home.  to get better sound, try to make sure your music file is as high quality as you can get it; lossless file types are usually the best (e.g., apple lossless or flac).  if you get compressed files like mp3, make sure the bitrate is as high as you can find them.  (i like 320 kbit/s myself.)  you can always go nuts with headphones, so buy them nice expensive ones if you’re loaded.  i do want to say those bose headphones are total ripoffs and not worth the money, just like everything else they make; they cost a bundle but only sound average on a good day.  the dr. dre ones are okay, but not $200 okay.  i think they’re worth $50 tops, but dre needs to eat.

in the small rants department, espn2 showed three hours of the wpba masters tournament and i taped them on the dvr.  unfortunately, espn moved the broadcast time 1/2 an hour later and didn’t bother to update that info.  so instead of three hours of pool, i ended up with three chopped-up episodes, with 1/2 an hour missing from the finals match.  pisses me off.  guess pool is not on the network’s high priority list.  heck, i don’t even think it’s on the low priority list.  probably the who-gives-a-f~* list.

and finally, i got to try this burger joint called the habit; they have various locations throughout cali.  the short version?  good fries, average burger.  three out of five stars.  the better choices are still fatburger, in-n-out, or the counter.  the counter makes a one-pound burger if you care to order it; i remember ordering the 2/3 pounder and it was as big as my face AND required knife and fork.  plus they have super-thick shakes big enough to drown a small child.  (well, at least it felt like there was enough to drown a small child.  not that you should find out.)  anyway, all three places are super tasty; in-n-out is the most affordable option, fatburger is the happy medium, and the counter is the boutique burger joint of the bunch with the price tag to match.  now go burger yerselves.

just thought i’d share that with you.  now back to the regularly scheduled programming.  🙂

oh, a quick fyi.  popeyes is having a one-day sale for today only.  eight pieces of fried chicken for $4.99.  if you’re in the mood for something greasy, grab a friend (or two) and get yourselves a bucket.  you can’t beat this deal, unless you got relatives that own the joint.  and grab some wet naps.

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  1. “Love that Chicken from Popeyes!” Why is it that I can remember ad jingles from decades ago, but I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday? I definitely give two thumbs up for both In-n-Out and The Counter, but I’ve never tried Fatburger. I guess I need to expand my culinary selections. Good luck with your stereo aspirations!

  2. Thanks for the info on headphones. I have been looking for one, but did not know what to get. Once I lose my current ones, I’ll plan on buying the ones you suggested.

    Most keep can’t hear the difference between good and excellent quality music. I know I can’t tell the difference, but I know a few people who can. Thus computer speakers and home stereos are important to them.

    As for Popeye’s, thanks for the info, but unfortunately, we don’t have one around.

    • those sony ones are pretty decent, especially for the money. it’s tough to beat at the $20 range.

      too bad there’s no popeyes near you though; they have good fried chickens!

    • arc makes some mean products. maggies are great, but i just think they’re really fussy speakers. i’m no expert on auto-tune, but to me it’s a tool like any other; used judiciously it’s fine, terrible when it’s abused.

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