no pain . . . no pain

i apologize in advance for this short post.  the topic doesn’t need a five-page elaboration, so brevity works best.

my fellow blogger michael recently wrote about his neck pain.  pain is pretty commonplace with pool players; most of us have experienced back, arm, leg, or shoulder pains just from playing pool.  coupled with the likelihood that pool players don’t typically exercise, the pain can become chronic that may require the use of the same.  😛  (kidding!)

sometime back i wrote about my shoulder pains.  but now i’ve switched to the more relaxed natural swing, my shoulder doesn’t bother me anymore.  i think with my old form, i was placing too much stress on my body, and the pain was my shoulder telling me i was doing something stupid.  fortunately, i now have a decent form that doesn’t cause me needless stress.  if you have aches and pains from playing pool, by all means go see a doctor.  (chiropractors can also help, but since they’re not real doctors i will not rely only on their treatment/advice.)  however, check your form at the table to see if your stance/bridge/stroke is giving you pain.  and for goodness’ sake, don’t just slam painkillers as a way to cope.  your body may be telling you important things; you should at least get it checked out.

this is off the topic, but i continually feel blessed that i am close enough to my fave PH where i could visit it whenever i wish.  just the other day they had the monthly sunday tournament with added money.  the first sunday tournament is famous around socal and attracts players from as far as san diego.  i walked in, and got to see parica playing morro paez in one of the matches for free.  on the front table, santos was messing around with some folks, just shooting and chatting away.  louis ulrich was also playing.  i didn’t see oscar or ernesto, but they are regulars at this tournament.  where else are you going to see that kind of pool?

yeah, i’m a lucky bastard.  🙂

4 comments on “no pain . . . no pain

  1. I thought your comment about pool players not exercising was hilarious…and I thought it was just me! I’ve been trying unsuccessfully for 3 months to slip on my running shoes since I’ve registered to run in the Bay to Breakers 12K, but when faced with the choice of pounding the pavement for an hour or sending the cue ball three rails for the 9, I think you know which choice I’ll make. Maybe that’s why both my neck and back hurt! 😉
    Very cool that you can watch some great players locally. I assume you’re speaking of Hard Times in Bellflower? There’s a HUGE tournament coming up at California Billiards in Mountain View this month. I’m writing a post on it today. Maybe you’ll make the trip up state?

    • yup, good ol’ hard times. as far as making the tournament, probably not; i’m pretty sure all the guys down here will make the trip though. thanks for the invite anyway!

  2. Pain killers are great. The key to your write up is “chronic”. Once in a while, my back starts hurting when I play pool, my body was just not happy. Week after week, the same thing was happening. It turned out that my stance was wrong, and after I readjusted everything was back to normal. I agree, if it is chronic, go see a doctor.

    • i’m glad you caught it q&b; my shoulder was hurting for a long time before i figured out what was happening. i think a second pair of eyes never hurt when we play.

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