you can at least try making someone else happy

my fellow pool blogger ms. redemption recently wrote about whiners and s~*talkers in pool.  i realize that yes, unfortunately, they exist; most of us have encountered a few ourselves.  what makes me wonder is if the whiners realize the effects they have on others.

i have wrote in previous posts that pool is a selfish hobby for me; i’m not looking to make money out of it, or turn it into some kind of career.  (although i admire those that try to make an honest living in this game.)  i imagine there are those that play pool to blow off steam, while some others pick up the game to increase their social circles (like leagues and such).  of course, there will always be those that try to improve their game, to become better competitors, and ultimately to become pro players.  the one common thread among these folks is that they all enjoy the game, so they show up to play.  at leagues.  at local tournaments.  at opens.  or wherever they can go.

and then, there are the whiners, the s~*talkers, the arrogant p~*s that also inhabit the game.

i get it.  there are things you have to prove.  chips to place on brittle shoulders.  egos to satisfy.  but you decide to do it on other people’s dime, and thereby wasting other people’s time and money.

see, when you whine, talk s~*, act like a jacka~*, you’re affecting others around you.  you’re diminishing other people’s enjoyment of the game.  you bringing your buddies around just so they can cheer you on in a $20 set only highlights your cowardice.  what, you can’t play unless you have a cheering section?  some hotshot you are.

at the time where pool is struggling, the first thing you want to do is to bring in more people into the game.  through the myopic lens of the whiners and jerks, however, the game only exists to satisfy them.  well, here’s a suggestion: stop it.  do it for your loved ones.  that’s right.  your child could be playing in a league, and someone just like you is making your child not want to play.  or your wife.  girlfriend.  husband.  when things come around, someone close to you may have to pay your price.  think about it.

i know this sounds redundant, but my readers (all four of you) are awesome.  you guys really make me think.  where else do i get to link pool with solipsism, or happiness with pool?  i’m very lucky to get great comments from you guys.  thanks.  also, there are some stuff going on and i may not be posting regularly for awhile; please bear with me.  hopefully i’ll get back to it.  keep playing guys.

10 comments on “you can at least try making someone else happy

  1. AMEN! The whiners and miscreants kept me away from the game for a long time (years). I never really liked the ‘dirty’ image of pool or the bull***t that accompanied it. I guess I’m one of the few who was bitten by the pool bug so hard that decided to come back to the game, whereas thousands of others have not. The bad behavior is so self-destructive. If I complaint about this too much, does that make me a whiner? 😉

  2. I wonder when pool / billiards made a 180 degree turn from a gentleman’s game to a s~ talking, egoistic game. Maybe you should change your blog’s name to “Pool & Bitch”. 🙂

    Don’t stay away for long…

  3. HALLELUJAH!! Those few crappy people try and ruin it for the rest of us! The sad part is, there are some so evil, I think their intent is to ruin it for us. They get enjoyment out of it.

    In the immortal words of the Alfred from ‘The Dark Knight’ “some people just want to watch the world burn…”

    • people that enjoy the suffering of others…they are proof for me that evil exists in this world, in a very black-and-white fashion. hang in there smassy & don’t let them take away your love of the game!

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