i’m connor macleod, of the clan macleod

if you’ve ever frequented a pool hall regularly, you’ve no doubt noticed the existence (or formation) of groups within the PH.  (i’d say that many of these groups are hierarchical, though not all.)  alliances are formed between certain people, and subtle rejections are used for those not part of that alliance or group.  if things turn bad, feuds develop between these groups, and dirty looks and muttered insults may be exchanged.  (if money is present, however, alliances may be quickly shifted.  :P)  say a new guy or girl comes in to play.  he/she is new to pool, but eager-eyed and ready to learn.  unbeknown to the newbie, he/she now has to figure out a way to navigate the waters of the various coteries, and maybe even join one to ensure a welcomed stay.  (all the while avoiding being filleted by the various folks waiting to take his/her money.)  the whole thing kind of reminds me of the ancient clans of yesteryear.  (or worse, bad reality shows.)  it is political intrigue at its finest.

so tell me, what the f~* does any of this has to do with pool?

please don’t misunderstand.  i’m not some crazy anti-social dude against making friends.  it’s true in life that you will have people you like, and people you dislike; that much is certain.  there’s nothing inherently wrong in gathering with a group of people whose company you enjoy.  however, it gets a little silly when people start to browbeat others just because they’re not part of the membership.  we’re past kiddie grade, right?  isn’t it possible to have friends at the pool hall and be friendly to others at the same time?  thing gets ridiculous when a new person shows up and the regulars either act like jerks or packs of hyenas smelling blood.  all i can say is that if you’re a participant of this pastime, don’t complain to anyone about anything in pool.  you’re one of the people that drive people away and make things worse.

think about it.  clans existed back in the day because times were tough, and kins needed to band together to work and defend against thugs and invaders.  what is there that needs protecting at the pool hall?  a place we don’t own or have any say, other than to use the service it provides?

i hope that when a new player shows up to play, i’d see people smile, be genuine, and be friendly, so he/she will stay and learn the game.  otherwise, don’t expect to see the game grow.

btw, since the azb rss feed just will not work on my blog, i’m switching to the azb twitter feed instead.  at least this way you’ll get to see some updates, provided they update their twitter feed.  i’m not certain, but i think the azb’s tweets are behind the rss as far as updates go.  i’m guessing they update the site & the twitter feed separately.  i’m just tired of fighting a stupid rss feed; if azb can’t get it to work i just won’t use it.  seriously though, all you have to do is go to feedvalidator.org, type in the rss feed, and it’ll tell you what’s wrong with the thing as well as possible solutions.  ain’t rocket science.

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  1. Interesting observation. At the pool hall that we use to play with, there was an incident where a new guy came in and took a table where there were balls already on it. No one had been playing on it for at least a half an hour, so the guy decided to use that table to practice. Mind you, this was during free pool, so he thought that since no one was on that table for a while, he could use it. There were no sticks or any sign of anyone using the table.

    20 minutes later, a “regular” player comes back from the bar and has a conniption. The regular tells the newbie to pack his things on move on, and the regular left and went to the bar (which is in another room). The newbie looked confused and continued to play.

    15 minutes later, the regular comes back and has another conniption. This time threatening the guy. He said something along the lines, “I have been here for 15 years, and that’s my table”. He went on to say, if you don’t leave this table in 5 minutes, you’re going to get it. So the newbie left the table and got another table.

    What kind of welcome is this? If I was the newbie, I think I would never come back to the pool hall.

    People are very possessive with their table. I know I am. But we have learnt that if we don’t go early enough we risk of losing our regular table, oh well.

    • i don’t get the whole “my table” thing. unless the owner had specifically labeled a table as “your table”, i don’t see how anyone can lay claim to it. i didn’t buy the table, i don’t pay to maintain it, & i’m sure no one else has either. people get possessive for the dumbest reasons.

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