hard times 2nd annual 10-ball tournament

the second annual hard times 10-ball tournament is under way.  so far the matches have been very exciting.  the format is 10-ball, race to nine, call shots only.  failure to pocket a called shot is a loss of turn.  winner racks his/her own.

some of the notable players are: efren, jose parica, “rocket” rodney morris, team dominguez, scott frost, mike davis, alex pagulayan, chris bartram, santos sambajon, brittany bryant, just to name a few.  cool a~* free stream service courtesy of mr. andy chen.  visit mr. chen’s facebook page and see if you can make a donation or something.  watch matches on the feature table on ustream (ends sunday night).  the online bracket can be found here.  below are some pictures from the tournament.  pardon the poor picture quality; i’m just an amateur.

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