hard times 2nd annual 10-ball tournament, part 2

sorry about the delay folks.  i was going to post this yesterday, but i didn’t feel well so i decided to rest.  anyway, here are some more pics from the tournament.

congrats to alex pagulayan; he played some great pool over three days to clinch the title.  the japanese phenom kenichi “uchi kuchi” uchigaki showed great poise and precision; i’m sure he will start winning titles soon.  (btw, that’s not his real nickname.  i totally made that up.)  i do have to say that when uchigaki had alex down 8-6, he missed a fairly easy four ball.  maybe it’s just me, but i felt this bloodthirstiness from alex; it was like his whole demeanor changed.  right there i knew that alex would make a comeback.  sure enough, he ended up winning the match 11-9.  man, that alex is a scary dude.

for something completely random, i found this funny parody on thor by teamcoco.  i can’t embed the video so here’s the link.  enjoy.  🙂


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