sheeps and wolves

it’s an unfortunate fact that a lot of people brag about things on youtube and blogs.  but it becomes downright sad when people make up stuff to brag about.

for example, it’s easy to write that you’ve run x number of racks in a row, or that you’ve beat this famous player in tournament or action.  however, if you made it up, people will know.  keep in mind that when you do a blog or video and make it public, there are people that will read/watch it.  and if one of the readers/viewers feels the need to make you an example, he/she will call you out on your claim.  and the awkward question rears its head: can you back it up?

pool, and all other games in existence, is mercilessly brutal when competition is involved.  when you step into the heat of the overhead table light, there is no place to hide.  whatever claim you make, whichever boasting you’ve sounded, will all be put to the test.  if you cannot play, you will look like the biggest jacka~* on the planet, because you decided to lie when you didn’t have to.  people are smart.  they will know whether you’ve got the game or not.  remember also that you have the option to make your blog or video private, basically an online diary.  (or semi-private, for invited readers only.)  when you choose to make your blog or video public and be full of s~*, people will smell it.

i hate to repeat myself because it sounds like i’m tooting my own horn, but i wrote about this in my old post.  the people that improve all the time are people that don’t lie to themselves.  when you truly want to get better, you’ll break down your own game into tiny pieces and examine each component at the microscopic level.  did i get lucky on that shot?  if i did, can i learn it so i can do it on command?  how many racks can i really run on average, or if i can consistently run a rack at all?  if i execute a stop shot 10 times in a row, how many times can i really stop the cueball?  (one of the toughest drills in my opinion.)  when it becomes all about your game and not all about your image, you will become better.

enjoy the game.  and happy playing.

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  1. Yummy! Sounds like you’ve got a juicy story to tell. Can you provide details? Regardless, I find it surprising that someone would state a falsehood when fact checking is so easy today, given our access to the Internet, and the fact that the pool world is actually relatively small. If a top player gets beaten by a much lesser player, everyone will know about it within hours. Why would someone feel the need to lie? What’s the motivation? Silly humans! 😉

  2. This is why I never record my “packs”. 🙂 I’d rather brag about them and then put up videos where I miss 8 out of ten stop shots. It’s the new art of the hustle in the YouTube age…….

    • the flip side is that people will stitch together several video clips and show that they’ve run four racks. 🙂

      whatever floats their boats i guess.

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