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this is volume 19 of poolSynergy.  welcome back, and thanks for reading this post.

the topic for volume XIX is “pool mecca”.

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below is my post for this month.  enjoy.

for the month of may, our host john barton (of instroke and jb cases fame) has decided that “pool mecca” should be the theme.  unfortunately i’ve not been to a place i’d consider my personal mecca, so i’ll write about an imaginary one.  (no, my imaginary friend didn’t write this for me.)

my pool mecca will be a highly customized pool hall.  personally, i think a pool mecca should be impressive in size.  i mean, a place measuring 500 square feet will hardly inspire awe in any pool player.  i’d want my pool mecca to have at least 40 tables, and at least one table per type of pool/billiard game (e.g., pool, billiards, snooker, russian billiard, so on).  there will be at least of 10 feet of space (in any direction) between tables so players won’t bump butt cheeks, plus tables and comfy chairs for the players to sit.  the pool mecca will have spectators’ areas along the walls on the second level, so people can watch the matches from above without disturbing the players.  the entire place will have wifi available so customers can stay connected.  the counter will have several ball cleaning machines to keep the balls spotless.  tables will be brushed after every use, and re-clothed regularly.  a great sound system will pump out good tunes, and a killer a/c system will keep everyone comfortable.

a pool mecca should also have a nice shop in case us players want to get some equipments.  the usual compliments should suffice: a decent range of cues, various accessories, a lathe, and a technician/cue maker on-site to service/repair cues.  the shop should also be able to sell/service various types of tables, should the customer want a game room at home.

one of my biggest gripes about pool rooms is the food; good food and pool seem like antonyms.  so for my pool mecca, decent food is a must.  (nothing fancy, just good solid fares that can beat the hunger.)  the menu will include various types of food, from frialated goodies and burgers, to good deli sandwiches, soups, and some basic asian cuisine (e.g., thai fried rice, udon).  a full bar with big screen tvs will entertain the guests of course, with one tv dedicated to pool matches (the mecca will have a library of match dvds or on a hard-drive system).  the food/bar area will be soundproofed and kept away from the playing area so diners won’t bother the players.  (people tend to get loud when good food & drinks are present.)

the pool mecca will have a separate spectator’s arena for tournaments and challenge matches; this space will be detached from the actual pool room and has space to seat 1000 people with stadium seating, as well as space for multiple cameras and a soundproofed commentator’s booth.  big screen tvs set up like the jumbotron at basketball arenas will be hung from the center to showcase feature matches and replays.  dedicated internet connection will be set up in the tournament arena to make sure live streaming won’t be interrupted.  borrowing the idea from various conventions, there will be a media room for bloggers and media reps to work on live stories and posts; tvs inside the media room will keep the media folks up-to-date on the actions in the tournament arena.

outside the pool mecca, there will be security and ample parking.  the parking lot will be periodically maintained, and the parking spaces will be large enough to accommodate large vans and suvs.  (i hate to squeeze between biga~* cars when i park.)  and yes, the security team will issue parking tickets to crappy parkers.  😀

i was going to add sharks with frigging laser beams, but the pool mecca probably doesn’t need them.  😛

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  1. Wow Poolriah, I was expecting rackers that drop from the ceiling – a private coach at each table – etc…but I would still be in pool heaven if the pool hall of your dreams was around me.

    • i would’ve included the rackers, but none of the racks i’ve seen ever worked as advertised, so i left them out. 😛

      if a place like this opens around me, i’ll probably camp inside it.

      • there ya go – RV parking outside needed too. sounds like a killer place – let me know if you ever find it 🙂

        • hard times bellflower is fairly close, but it does need more space between the tables. and more parking spaces. and a separate arena. and better food.

          ok, so i haven’t found anything close to it yet. 😛

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