recently i read something interesting on snarky’s blog.  apparently, some spammer left a comment under the guise of wanting to do a guest post on snarky’s blog.  after some emailing with snarky, i found out that a pool company had hired some firm to do some seo work.  (i’ve no idea what this pool company was selling; cues, accessories, no idea.  frankly, i didn’t care to find out.)  i know nothing about seo, but my very rudimentary understanding is that you can increase your visibility on search engines by doing certain things for your website/blog, such as having people link to your site, leave comments on other people’s blogs that link back to you, include certain words/phrases in your posts/articles, and so on.  i don’t know exactly how this works, but apparently you can hire a tech or marketing firm to do this for you.  i’ve seen lots of spam comments and people trying to leave links in comments, but i’ve not seen people spam under false pretenses such as asking to do a guest post on your blog.

although i understand the need for people to expand their businesses, this to me seems a little low.  i realize that many people create blogs as a vehicle to sell stuff.  if you’re starting a business and there isn’t a lot of money, blogs are free platforms to do advertising; all you need is to put some hours into some basic design and you can start pushing your products and services.  (no hosting fee!)  for me though, blogs are a platform to express ideas and personal feelings/beliefs that cannot be shared otherwise.  so when spammers try to take advantage of personal blogs, it cheapens the platform and makes communication less meaningful.  to do so under false pretenses is, to me, an extra low blow.

i’m glad i have spam filters and they catch a lot of stuff.  it’s just kind of sad that we have to use them at all.  i’m rambling now; forgive my babbles.

btw, i recently got to see the simonis x-1 table cloth cleaner up close.  the x-1 cloth cleaner is quite expensive; i’m sure the cost alone has stopped people from even considering the purchase.  when i examined it up close, the cleaning pad has a pretty rough surface, but it doesn’t seem abrasive.  (weird, i know.)  i can’t tell what material it’s made out of (simonis says it’s some sort of high tech stuff), but a demonstration shows it cleans up dirt & chalk marks with ease.  according to the x-1’s website, the x-1 works by generating static and then traps the dust particles inside the high tech cleaning pad.  i believe the retail price can be up to $110.  is it worth all that money?  not sure.  but it does clean the cloth without much effort, and you won’t need chemicals or brushes that may damage the cloth.  (a vacuum cleaner is one of the most efficient cloth cleaner, but it may cost way more than the x-1, so that’s something to consider.)  those that are loaded should get one, and maybe let your friends borrow it.  😛  just make sure you get it back after your buddy’s done cleaning.

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  1. I had to look up what seo was (duh). That’s pretty sneaky what the person did. I guess it might be a proven method, so that’s why the person tried persuing that avenue.

    As for the X1 cleaner, we got one. Hubby rarely uses it, because he says it does not work. I think we’re going to get a refund on it, or it might be a defective unit. Before he bought it, he read the reviews and a lot of people rant and rave about it. We bought it using our tip jar money that people leave when they play at our house.

    I told hubby that people who spend so much money on a table cleaner rants and raves about it, because they would sound stupid having paid so much money for a product that does not work. Once again, ours may just be a defective one.

    He is back to vacumming the table and wiping it with a cloth. It’s cheaper than using the X1, and it is gauranteed to be clean, it just needs a little elbow grease.

    • it was very sneaky. the request itself was legitimate, and you’d probably get a real article if you say yes. but snarky said the article would be some generic crap that’s used over & over again on different blogs, not an original post. pretty low in my opinion. i think the company only goes after popular blogs, so i won’t have to worry about stuff like that.

      too bad the x-1 didn’t work for you; it seemed to work great in the live demo i saw. if you’re getting a refund do it quick, in case there’s a time limit.

        • so many people want to be popular though, to the point of misrepresenting themselves. we have our share of those in pool. and youtube is the single best evidence on how people want fame over substance.

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