friends and enemies

funny how i was just talking about some random spammer on snarky’s site just last week.  just a few days ago, someone outed the pcn guy’s identity on the azb forum.  it turned out that mike feiman, the marketing guru at pooldawg, is mr. pcn.  to say that i’m shocked is putting it mildly.  pcn and justin collett (of TAR) has had a long-standing online feud, and one of justin’s friends finally decided to dig around and expose the man behind the famous (or infamous) blog known to say some pretty controversial things.  i don’t feel like linking the thread, so go on azb’s forum and dig around yourselves.  btw, i didn’t link to the pcn blog because everything has been taken down; the blog no longer exists.

there is no way to really judge who is at fault.  i don’t know feiman or collett personally, so there’s no way for me to say who is what.  the problem, of course, is that there is no impartial third party to do some hands-on observation.  in other words, no one has independent verification on what the truth is.  personally, i’ve enjoyed feiman’s blog (as the pcn dude).  i didn’t really read his previous stuff (his 1.0 posts) before he shut it down the first time.  when he restarted the blog (the 2.0 posts), i found his writing to be entertaining, and often times unique in terms of perspectives and outside-the-boxness.  i may be alone in this, but i felt that feiman said a lot of things that probably needed to be said, and he also said a lot of things that i thought people were afraid to say for whatever reason.  my gut instinct told me that deep down, he wasn’t writing these things to intentionally hurt people.  rather, i felt that he was trying to bring attention to certain issues within the pool industry in general.  feiman’s downfall, of course, was the over-the-top insults on some highly visible players in the industry, and possibly a lack of fact check before he named names.  you can’t bring that kind of attention upon yourself without getting some kind of retribution.  because feiman is heavily linked to pooldawg, i wonder how this whole incident will affect the business.  at the very least, i don’t think feiman would attend any future expos or trade shows for quite awhile.  it’s just going to be way too awkward.  (yes.  he even managed to piss off ms. rousey.)  it may be smart if he hired a PR person to handle his communications for the time being, but that’s just my opinion.

i myself am an anonymous blogger.  however, i’ve always thought that anonymity is a privilege that carries with it a heavy responsibility.  because i’m anonymous, i have to be twice as diligent in verifying facts.  it is all too easy to slander someone behind a veil; unless i have positive proof or first-hand experience, i don’t write about things i hear.  i can’t.  in the age of the internet, it’s all too easy to spread rumors and gossip and have it go viral.  a person’s reputation is precious; treat it as such.

the interesting observation is that once feiman’s identify has been exposed, there were some folks who were previously friendly to him decided to change sides and made snide remarks about him.  i find that puzzling.  i have no idea what the motivation was when people do that.  so therein lies a cautionary tale: pick your friends wisely.  a trustworthy friends is worth his/her weight in diamonds.  and in all things, seek truth.

if you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair.

-c.s. lewis

[p.s. there is a big food contamination scandal occurring in taiwan right now.  i wrote a post on it earlier; please read it.]

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  1. “Oh, the tangled web we weave…”

    Thanks for the info! I wasn’t a big reader of the PCN blog, but I must admit, I also enjoyed reading it occassionally. Keep up the great work poolriah!

  2. As you know, I don’t follow PCN’s blog as much as you do. So I don’t have an opinion. I don’t shop at the pooldawg website either, so it doesn’t affect me either.

    You make a great point that anonymity, that it is a privilege.

    Yes, I write stuff bashing people – but I know what the consequences are if the person realizes that I am writing about him or her.

    • it’s all too easy to get carried away when people comment online anonymously. restraint should always couple anonymity in my opinion.

  3. I’m actually sad to see the PCN guy revealed. As an anonymous blogger, he was able to raise some provocative issues that would be a lot harder to address as a known quantity.

    But soon as I admired his out of the box take on the pool industry, he would go off on these tangential personal attacks that were over the top. That always puzzled me. They undermined his credibility, and while I don’t think he did any real harm, I can understand why those in the line of aim wanted to know who they should be pissed off at.

    Well, p00lriah, at least this was one blog that didn’t die without plenty of explanation.

    • true huh. still, i’m not happy that things went down the way they did.

      i’ve always admired pcn’s outside-the-box perspective on things. as far as feiman and collett go, there’s really no way to tell who was right. i’m sure bits of what feiman said about collett were true, but since feiman didn’t present any evidence, the whole shebang became hearsay and wholly unreliable. (i’m sure this applies to what collett said about feiman too.) also, feiman’s customer had said that when he went over to the mezz booth at bcapl, no one helped him so he ordered a cue from pooldawg instead. feiman decided to incorporate the story without verifying it, and this led me to question whether feiman did any fact checks at all. things sort of went downhill from there.

      as far as the over-the-top insults, i think feiman may be a very passionate person; with a lot of passion it sometimes is accompanied by impetuosity. maybe that’s why he went so overboard. i hope one day that feiman and collett can sit down and bury the hatchet; they’re both good at what they do, and the industry needs different talents to thrive. i’m also hoping dumoulin will also forgive feiman; dumoulin cuts a mean video and pooldawg can sell the s~* out of them. bad blood like this is bad for pool.

      anyway, here’s to the demise of an entertaining blog. if there’s a blog like this in the future without the personal attacks, i’m all for it. meanwhile, i’ll be reading your heartfelt prose to while away the void.

      • The PCN thing was fun, but the outing was inevitable and probably for the best. The reason I shut it down the first time was because it was getting too nasty and I was actually talking with a friend about shutting it down again prior to being outed, so it was gonna get killed one way or another.

        I honestly don’t hold any grudges against those guys mostly because it takes way too much energy to do so. I also can’t stay mad forever at the person who ratted me out to Cleary since I ran anonymous for so long.

        If you guys want to keep following me and my inane ramblings, you can check out my personal blog ( It won’t be all about pool and it probably won’t be quite as biting as PCN, but it’s still going to be me, which means that I’ll probably find ways to talk about things that will piss somebody off.

        As for events, we really only go to BCAPL and APA Nationals. I will absolutely be at APA Nationals, so anyone who wants to say hi should stop by the booth (it’ll be the 30 foot one at the front of the mini-mania room).

        • hi mr. feiman. i do appreciate you taking the time to read my blog and comment on the post. i hope you’re entertained by my writing.

          while i’m not sure that you would eventually be outed, the circumstances seemed pretty rough nonetheless. anyway, i’m guessing you now know who your true friends and enemies are. nothing like a crisis to separate the fair-weathered friends from those that will stand in your corner. in any case, i’m glad you’re not holding a grudge; life is too short for that. and sorry i sounded like a fortune cookie just now.

          you’re a brave man for your willingness to attend future major events. then again, it’s what you make of it. hopefully you’ll get to mend some fences, if they need mending. i do hope you have fun with your new blog, and maybe get some happiness out of it.

          • I get a huge kick out of your blog, so keep on keepin’ on Mr. Riah! As for attending these events, I’d be shocked if anyone gave me a seriously nasty time. I’m sure I’ll get some mad dogging from detractors, but if someone were to get all loco, I could just shine a light off of my big bald dome to temporarily blind them while I run away like a little girly man. 😉

            As for blogging, I find it really more cathartic than anything else. As my co-workers have learned, I like to talk quite a bit about pretty much every topic and I use blogging in very much the same way. Topic comes up that I get stuck on and I write about it. Its very much an “inner monologue” which is why it can sometimes cross lines.

            • i’m glad that you decided to continue blogging mr. feiman. there is a dearth of quality pool blogs, and i always thought there is much color in your posts. when you shut down the old one a few weeks ago, quite a few people got bummed out, myself included. so it’s good to see you back.

              here’s to a good rest of the year. and enjoy writing your blog.

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