feint praise

so i was practicing at my fave pool hall as i normally do.  when i got there, only three tables were open on the tournament side, so i quickly grabbed one that had the least number of people around it.  unfortunately, i didn’t realize that weaselhead rodentface was on the table right next to the one i picked.  bummer.  oh well, nothing i could do about it, so i unpacked my cue and got down to practice.  lately i’ve lost a noticeable amount of power in my stroke (from not playing as much), so i deliberately started hammering shots to figure out what i needed to do to get it back.

i may not have written about this before, but weaselhead rodentface likes to talk.  no, let me rephrase.  he likes to make little comments designed to either barb you or to flatter you.  the fawning done by weaselhead rodentface is typically in an insincere way, a tactic i suspect is a scheme to give himself an edge should you decide to gamble with him.  to paraphrase vampire weekend, weaselhead rodentface is secretly dripping with disdain.

back to the story.  so i was hammering shots to try to figure out what’s wrong with my stroke so i can get my power back, and weaselhead rodentface had to chime in.  i mean, he wouldn’t be weaselhead rodentface otherwise.  he said something about how powerful my stroke was, & that pros could learn something from me.

srsly srs??

did he mean that earl strokeland strickland could get tips on powerstroking from moi?  strickland, the multiple u.s. open champeen?  strickland, who could jump-draw from the LENGTH OF THE F~*ING TABLE??  from me??

now i don’t mind people making silly jokes; shoot, i crack enough dumb ones myself.  but with weaselhead rodentface, it’s a different story.  based on my observation, weaselhead rodentface seems to believe that he can beat almost everybody, but for some odd reason, he won’t come out and say it.  for this reason, weaselhead rodentface’s flummery is the really uncomfortable kind said for a specific purpose, namely to gain himself some advantages later.  that’s why i call him weaselhead rodentface; he’s always angling for stuff.  there could be other reasons for his obsequiousness & insincerity other than to get a spot in a match, but i have no idea what they are, and nor do i care.  i’m allergic to bulls~* from bulls~* artists.  honestly, there is nothing wrong with believing that you have the skills to beat almost every player.  to a certain degree, you almost have to believe that about yourself to win against tough opponents.  but when a person tries to hide that instead and chooses to act in an obviously spurious manner, things get really awkward.  as i’ve said before, people are not stupid.  if you bs, people will generally smell manure and either stay away from you or keep a healthy distance.  i believe that if you act according to your beliefs, people tend to be more receptive to you.  duplicity never wins friends.

in life, you always get more respect if you’re straightforward with people.  when you go at others crooked, you either get shunned or have others giving you the same treatment; it’s a vicious cycle that profits no one.  if your goal is to alienate yourself though, feel free.  you have the right to fail.

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  1. Where was your iphone? Why didn’t you just stick headphones on and pretend not to hear anything? And as Michael said, maybe you do have a great stroke.

  2. I’m gonna focus on the last paragraph. I have struggled my whole life with your first sentence. I don’t like to hurt feelings, but what I have noticed lately when I finally do take a stand and speak my mind (in a nice way, of course), I feel somewhat happy, yet somewhat still sad. It’s not easy to be honest and frank without hurting feelings. Guess I’m too much of the F in the Myers-Briggs. I wish I could feel like I’m getting respect when I’m honest – I don’t feel that way at all.

    Good article, btw!

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