carmageddon special, sort of

some of you may have heard of the carmageddon here in socal; if you live in socal, for sure you have heard about it.  the event has been all over the local news, and even got coverage on national news channels.  anyway, the short version is that a section of the very busy freeway (the 405) is being shut down this weekend for construction.  most predicted a massive gridlock-style traffic, hence the name carmageddon.  anyway, many bars and restaurants decided to roll out various food and drink specials to entice customers, such as heavily discounted drinks with a carmageddon or traffic theme, or food specials that feature (again) traffic-type themes.  a few local museums are offering discounted or free admission as well.  don’t forget the t-shirts for such special occasion.  count on the good old entrepreneurial spirit of american capitalists to make lemonade out of a bad situation.  anyway, i decided to have my own carmageddon special, just for kicks.

i went on sigalert to see how the traffic was, and saw this little ditty.

i kid you not, this was actually on the sigalert site.  i had a really really good laugh.

anyway, after collecting myself, i went out in search of food.  i came upon a mom and pop cafe and ordered some chow.  after the perfunctory menu-ogling, i decided on the chicken fried steak breakfast.  now most of the breakfast joints i’ve been to will typically serve your dish and side orders on one plate.  so if you ordered the pancake platter, you’ll get your pancakes, hash browns, and eggs all on the same plate.  when the waitress brought out the two eggs and hash on a separate plate first, it seemed a forbidding sign.  a few minutes later, this arrived.

for your frame of reference, the plate pictured above was roughly nine inches long, and about five inches across.  the chicken fried steak covered almost the entire plate, and was smothered in country gravy.  did i mention the platter included two eggs, hash, and toast?

the above video is a succinct approximation of what i felt when i saw all that food.  i did the best i could to finish the platter, but it was just waayy too much.  to be totally honest, the taste wasn’t super great.  see, when it comes to food, my brain is wired with certain expectations.  for example, if i see gravy or any gravy-like substance, my brain automatically says “savoriness”.  when the gravy is not savory but kind of sweet, my whole brain gets thrown for a loop, and i go into this weird space of dissatisfaction.  i have a hard time of reconciling the two different experiences together, and it takes a while to get out of the funk.  well, the country gravy was kind of sweet.  so i was feeling sort of f~*ed up.  oh well, next time i’ll order something different for certain.  at least i was full, for which i was thankful.

after my meal, i decided to hit best buy for random browsing.  i tested out a few headphones just for fun.  i listened to the beats headphones again and came away (again) unimpressed.  i stand by my opinion that the entire product line is a ripoff; there are much better, and cheaper, alternatives out there.  for $200, i expected a whole lot more than what i heard.  i won’t even go near bose headphones.  the joke on bose is “better sound through advertising”, which should tell you all you need to know about bose products.  they remain one of the most mediocre and the most overpriced components out there.  the only semi-decent bose product is the 901 speaker, but for how much they’re charging, you can get much better sound for way less.  on hand were also offerings from skullcandy, and i played around with the rocnation aviator model for a bit.  nice, but likewise overpriced for the sound it produced.  moving on.

next, i hit the container store for some (what else?) containers.  i found a multi-tray storage box for my little knickknacks.  oh, if you need to pack, they sell bubble sheets by the square, so you won’t have to buy a whole roll if you only need a little bit.  useful!

to cap off my carmageddon special, i decided to watch cars 2.  😛  (it’s only appropriate after all!!)  the plot was somewhat over the top, but it was entertaining, and the animation was basically without flaws.  total eye candy.

that was my carmageddon day, at least one of the days.  so far the traffic has been trouble-free.  funny thing is, as i’m writing this there is a car chase going on that supposedly spanned three counties, and is currently taking place on the 5 freeway.  according to the news, the driver is a three-strike felon, so he probably won’t stop until the gas runs out.  i mean, if you’re a felon and you know you’re going away for good, why not stretch it out for as long as you can?  i just hope that the idiot doesn’t crash into somebody and ruin everyone’s night.  as for me, i’m grabbing some shuteye now.  til next time, gentle readers.

[update july 18, 2011] asian friendishes grabbed me for more food on sunday.  behold the gory details.

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  1. You had quite a weekend there! The dim sum stuff looks yummier than the chicken fried steak. Clockwise from top left, those look like – ha gow, turnip fried pan cake, spicy fried tofu? and congee with funny looking pink stuff (is it shrimp? they look too big to be shrimp). How did I do?

    • the chicken fried steak wasn’t very good; def not ordering that again. the dim sum was frigging delicious. i’m no expert on asian food so i can’t really say, but i think you got the items right. the porridge was chicken i think. it was very good.

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