it da weekend

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some weeks ago i decided to roam around the county a bit, it being the weekend and i was sufficiently bored to want to roam.

cardinal roaming rule number one: don’t roam on an empty stomach.  being a stickler of my own rules, i went back to the mom and pop joint i visited last time.  but this time i got wise and skipped the dreadful chicken fried steak.  instead, i went for the pot roast breakfast platter.  yes, you heard it right.  pot roast breakfast.

all i can say is this.

in fact, the food was so good it warrants a fake meme.

after my stomach was full, i ran some errands to get ready for later–there was a concert somewhere which i wanted to attend.  the weather being frigging hot, i blasted the ac in my car to get some welcomed relief.  after a leisurely drive (and it had to be, since i was still feeling stuffed and my driving legs weren’t functioning at 100% from the food coma), i arrived at the venue pretty early.  i took a few minutes to settle in, then distracted myself by texting and messing with my blog a bit while waiting.  before i knew it, the concert started.  some pics of the event are below.

the very talented band is katie herzig, or kathrine hertzberg.  (leetle joke :P.)  ms. herzig has a great sound, and she sings well live, a rarity these days.  her music is just about perfect for summer time: it’s light, whimsical, and just plain fun.  her cds are great additions to any music library; be sure to check them out on pandora, itunes,, or any other place you like.  oh, she has a new album coming out in september, so give it a listen.  i briefed chatted with the band when they came out for a bit of meet and greet with the attendees; they couldn’t have been nicer, and were fun to talk to.  they can sing AND have a sense of humor!  cool.  check out a vlog they did a while back.

after the concert ended, i took a leisurely drive home.  by this time, the weather had cooled down considerably, so i drove part way with my windows down and music blasting.  thus sayest ice cube, “today was a good day”.

this is off-topic, but a while back i mentioned that i got a moori tip to experiment with.  i’m sad to report that the experiment is a total failure.  it could be that i got a new moori vs. the old one, but whatever it is, the tip sucks.  (some people swear by the old moori, but that wasn’t what i bought.)  it offers no feel to my hand, and not able to feel the hit takes so much enjoyment away from me.  so yeah, i blew good money on a worthless piece of claptrap.  live and learn.

til next time, gentle readers.

2 comments on “it da weekend

  1. I swear by the old Moori mediums, which have now gone the way of the dinosaur — extinct, except for those hoarded by the rich and insane.

    I am working on finding a replacement and will report back in a little bit.

    • i don’t even know where you can buy the old mooris anymore. maybe ebay, but no guarantee it’ll be the real deal. i’d love to have the chance to play with the old moori, but it doesn’t seem possible now based on availability & cost.

      a number of moori users i spoke to are now switching to kamui, so maybe that’s the route. i do like the kamui chart where they tell you the elasticity & hardness of each kamui tip; great move on kamui’s part to inform the players of their products.

      as for me, i’m sticking to my own diy tips. tried and true works, and i’m not changing anytime soon.

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