googlie buys motorola mobility

you have all probably heard by now that google bought motorola mobility for $12.5 billion dollars.  (read the story at techcrunch.)  this is the biggest news item of the day, tech- and business-wise.  kind of makes me wonder if there will be a line of radically redesigned, android-based, razr phones in the near future . . . 😛

having messed around with both the android-based phones and the iphone, i will say that the iphone (plus ipad and ipod touch for that matter, since they have the same exact GUI) has a much smoother user interface.  face it, android phones are made for tech-savvier geeks who like tweaking the smallest features on their gadgets, be it a camera, a computer, or a phone.  the iphone, on the other hand, has probably the cleanest user interface on the market today, with the gentlest AND easiest learning curve for phones out there.  because kids are usually not a concern (typically kids are equally proficient with any phone you give them), it comes down to the rest of the customer base.  if you hand an android phone to a 60-year-old grandma, she will probably be lost.  give her an iphone, and chances are she will be able to figure things out in 10-15 minutes.  this almost reminds me of the wii phenomenon: a video game system aimed at non-video-game playing customers.

i’m not hawking apple products.  i’m strictly speaking from my own experience as a consumer.  i love android phones, but they are tougher to use, period.  personally, i think android is a kick-a~* software platform with lots of potential.  but man, they need to fix the GUI pronto.  as for nokia, the symbian platform is a dinosaur in today’s market, and blackberry is well on its way to the graveyard as well.  as far as google buying motorola mobility, well, it probably won’t change the cell phone market much in the immediate future, but it is an interesting development.

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  1. I agree with you about the Android phone. Being tech savvy as I am, I couldn’t figure out something for a friend that was relatively easy. The Windows 7 phones are great. The GUI is very easy to navigate, but I find it lacks tweaking – but maybe that’s why it is easy to use. I wonder what Google will have in store for us in the near future with this acquisition.

    • the windows phone 7 is nice, but i still think the iphone has the most intuitive interface on the market. with the new acquisition, google will have immediate access to some very nice hardware. however, google still needs to catch up in the areas of apps, media playback, and virus management, areas where apple excels at.

      i kind of think that google should just focus on mobile os development. the android interface is pretty, but it still feels unpolished & a little raw, like something is still missing. we’ll see.

      on the other hand, google+ has great potential. they do need to fix the google+ app & give it more features. the current app feels too bare-boned.

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