variety is the spice of rife

before we begin, i just want to say farewell to my fellow blogger minnow.  she has decided to (sort of) retire her blog and shift her focus elsewhere.  according to minnow’s post, she will put up stuff occasionally, but for the most part she will stop blogging.  as for returning to blog in the future, she doesn’t sound like she has any definitive plans.  for the brief span that i’ve been her reader, i’ve learned some valuable lessons from her posts, some of which became material for my own articles.  often times i wanted to write with her level of maturity, but since i’m hopelessly crude and jejune, i can only imagine that i could write with a trace of gravitas, a woolgathering on the best of days.  i wish her the best of luck and hope she continues to improve, perhaps turning pro one day.  then she can create a new blog called pool shark: the metamorphosis of minnow.  (not to be confused with the other metamorphosis.)

also, i didn’t realize that there’s a project called post a week 2011.  what a doofus i am; it’s almost the end of the year!  still, i’ll give this a shot until the end of this year.  looking at my archive, i’ve been posting weekly already anyway, so hopefully i can keep this up for the next three months.  we’ll see what happens.  you can see there’s a new tag “postaweek2011” on my tag cloud; that’s what the tag is for.

i must apologize beforehand for the brevity of this post.  the thing is, i don’t believe the subject requires me to be wordy, so i’ll use as many words as i need to convey the message, and be done with it.  anyway, here it goes.

recently at my favorite pool hall, i practiced with a gent that i’ve not played with before; i shall call him bandwidth.  (hee hee, sounds like a name for transformers.)  as is the custom of the pool hall, we played 9-ball for a while.  i’m sure most of my readers are aware that certain rooms seem to favor certain games; well, my fave pool hall happens to be a 9-ball and one pocket kinda place, pocket billiards-wise.  occasionally you may see a game of 8-ball, but that’s about it.  anyway, we were hammering away, and my opponent asked that we play something else.

really?!  cool.

see, the thing is, i really like 8-ball.  but this being a 9-ball kind of gin joint, i rarely get to play.  oh, and i also like straight pool, but again, no one plays it.  and i even kinda like one pocket, but the folks playing at my fave joint makes me never want to play the game.  so when i’m offered the chance to play something different, well, let’s say that i welcomed the idea very much.  plus, bandwidth is polite & reserved at the table, which makes things appealing all the more.

for me personally, i think pool is a little like tennis, martial arts, or card games like magic: the gathering; you can never know too much moves, be exposed to too many styles, or have too many different types of rackets or cards .  once you’ve developed your core set of fundamental techniques, i think it’s a good idea to play a variety of games in order to be exposed to different moves and shots on the table.  while all games require you to use all different shots, you are going to see certain shots in certain games more often.  for example, you’ll rarely see a 9-ball style thundering break shot in straight pool, but you are going to see a bunch of cluster shots, short position shots, and probably safeties.  or in bank pool, you’re required to bank your shots, something you don’t do very often in 9-ball or 10-ball.  (i think most of the time you’d bank a shot in 9- or 10-ball as a last resort.)  once you have learned the different strategies and moves in one game, however, you get to apply these things to other games you play.  this is where a player can get really creative: when you bust out your “9-ball shot” to straight pool or 8-ball, you can really f~* with some heads.  perhaps a little 3-cushion to 10-ball?  the combination is endless.  in essence, this is why i wrote boundlessly and jack in the box; once you have learned different strategies and techniques, you can apply all the knowledge in all games without borders.  and your quest to play limitless pool will really take flight.

see, the more you . . . ah, never mind.

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