how do you change your habits? | 2011 post a week topic #255

since i’m trying the post a week project on for size, i thought i’d give one of the topics a try.  basically, post a week is a project by wordpress, a free blogging platform open to the public.  (they offer paid services also should you want to upgrade features on your blog.)  participation is voluntary; each participant chooses the frequency of his/her posts: either once a day or once a week.  i picked the latter because i don’t want my blog to totally dominate my life, plus i’m lazy.  so there.  😀

included in the project is a (huge) list of topics you can write about; since i’m trying the project, i thought i’d give one of the topics a go.  topic #255 is “how do you change your habits”, which i think dovetails nicely to pool :mrgreen:, so here it goes.  (hard to write about non-pool topics unless it’s food!)

i might have written about overhauling my game, but i’m not certain.  (old age and all.  memory is fading fast . . . )  just to be clear, my overhauling has nothing to do with chip foose’s overhaulin’, so you hot rodders and car nuts don’t get excited.  anyhoo, here’s a quick recap.  about two years ago i was very unhappy with my game.  i mean, i played okay, and i could make some decent shots, but my stroke was weak, and my game was inconsistent.  (to illustrate, a draw shot from more than four feet away gave me problems.  yeah, pathetic.)  while others would give me praise, i felt like a total fraud at the table.  my cueball knowledge was imprecise at best, and i struggled with shots i should have no problems with.  my disgust with my game finally reached a boiling point, and i decided to press the big red reset button.

with the help of friends and mentors, i adopted a completely new form.  it was a painful process.  i made runs of one ball on a good day.  i struggled with feeling the hit.  for almost six months my focus was on getting used to my new form.  but one day, it just clicked.  maybe it was all that repetition, or perhaps i thought about my new form even in my dreams, but i got it.  i knew what i was supposed to do.  from there, it was a matter of adding power, because the basic building blocks were in place.  can i say the word euphoric?  because that’s what i felt when i finally understood the game in a new light.  it was liberating; i felt like a creature just released from hibernation.  and here i am now, trying to build upon my foundation more.  pool is fun again.

so how do you change your habits?  for me, it was dissatisfaction with myself plus the desire for change.  if i thought i was good enough or smart enough, i would never have gone through the process i did, because it was uncomfortable, and the struggle made me feel like a failure.  but in the end, it was worth it.  unless you truly want it, change does not come.

2 comments on “how do you change your habits? | 2011 post a week topic #255

  1. Don’t you love it when something just clicks in place?
    As for me, I don’t change my habits, especially bad ones. It’s really hard. I will evaluate the consequences and see if the change is worth it. If it is, I’ll try really hard to change it, but eventually the bad habit will creep back. They don’t call it a habit for nothing.

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