recently i had an equipment malfunction, and i was forced to shoot with something i’m not familiar with.  boy, i struggled on the table.  what looked to be easy outs became a game of shank-the-cueball; it would have been a sad occasion were you to watch me play.  it came down to the equipment having a different reaction than what i was used to––i couldn’t make the cueball do what i wanted.  i think this is one of the things that separates the greats from the also-ran: the ability to adapt to different equipments and conditions.  good players don’t get thrown off just because something is going wrong; they adapt, and find ways to run out or to win.  i think i’m probably too pampered equipment-wise; i may need to switch to a good ol’ cuetec and have at it.  too many times things will not go as planned, and having the ability to adjust on the fly is a huge plus in any pool situation.  along with a million things i need to work on my game, here’s another one for my list.  the expression “learn something new everyday” certainly applies to pool in a big way.

also, a few weeks ago i was watching the chuck markulis memorial tournament online, courtesy of mr. chen’s free stream.  man, the chat stream can be brutal.  however, with cameras and live streams and dvds, it is more apparent that pool is a show-me game; you cannot hide anything once you get to the table.  if you can’t play, people will know.  all the cameras in this modern age are just there to provide additional evidence of your skill, or lack thereof.  i remember writing the post pride a while ago that got some interesting comments.  i still stand by my position that pride is useless.  the more i learn about pool, the more i realize that i know jack s~* about the game.  the more i learn, the more i realize i have to learn.  it’s a never-ending cycle of discovery leading to more discovery; there is no end to pool knowledge once you begin your exploration.  but hey, the journey is fun.

as i delve deeper into pool, the more i appreciate the simpler things: hitting balls without english, playing natural shape with medium speed, shooting with a smooth and unhurried pace, all the things that make watching pool a lot of fun.  weirdly, the more i increase the power of my stroke, the more i’m impressed with players that just play natural angles with medium speed and run out, a style opposite of a power player.  between a power player and a natural shape player, i’d be more worried about the latter.  i guess as i increase my knowledge, my tastes change in this game.  i suspect that in many sports, players have the tendency to go back to the simple things as they progress.  in pool, you certainly don’t try to run racks by doing a lot of fancy trick shots; you run out by sticking to the simple shapes.  don’t believe me, watch roger griffis.  (wonder if he still plays.)

on the food front, sometime ago my friend and i went for some grub.  my friend wanted thai food, and i of course won’t argue with that choice.  (i guess i’ve been on a thai binge; first the noodle soups, now this.)

the top picture was the thai shrimp soup; the bottom was a thai chicken salad.  (i can’t attest to the authenticity of the salad, so don’t ask.)  there were some other stuff, but i was too busy eating so i didn’t take pictures of the entrées.  sorry.

the meal was delicious, and we walked away full and content.  still looking for more noodles though; when i find them i’ll post some pics, if i remember to take them.  🙂

♦     ♦     ♦

this week, we’ll look at the phrase “three sheets in the wind”.

according to phrase finder:

 . . . sheets aren’t sails, as landlubbers might expect, but ropes (or occasionally, chains).  These are fixed to the lower corners of sails, to hold them in place.  If three sheets are loose and blowing about in the wind then the sails will flap and the boat will lurch about like a drunken sailor.

there you have it.

2 comments on “adaptation.

  1. The salad does not look tasty at all. What are those triangle ghost looking thingy in the soup? You’re becoming more of a food connoisseur, love the pics.

    Pool chats can get nasty. It is interesting how the audience talk a lot of trash of the chat.

    Sorry to hear about your equipment malfunction, hopefully you can get it fixed. Life is all about learning. Learning in general, learning in mistakes. What fun would life be without learning new things.

    • the salad was actually okay; the dressing was quite tasty. the triangle pieces were zucchini slices. the soup was excellent, one of the better shrimp soups i’ve had.

      thank you for calling me a connoisseur. i didn’t know what it meant, so i looked up the word in a dictionary. it means “north american male with chub”. that’s exactly me!

      i got everything fixed up, so they’re fine now. at least i can look like a D player instead of a total moron. superficial appearance is important at the table you know!

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