movie shoot

nothing exciting happening, so i’ll do a small picture tour.

according to the intarwebs, there will be a new movie coming out called gangster squad; it will feature a bunch of hollywood people, and may be released sometime next year, unless it gets shelved.  what does that have to do with pool?  nothing, except someone decided to shoot a scene right next to my favorite pool hall.  so for several weeks, the PH’s parking lot was packed with trailers, vans, trucks, suvs, and any other type of transport vehicle you could think of, along with a bunch of extras all dressed up in costumes.  there was a planned shootout scene, but i didn’t stick around to film it.  too lazy, i guess.

my favorite PH was invaded with coils of wires and cables all over the parking lot, in front of the entrance, inside the PH, etc., etc., etc. . . .

more wires and cables, plus what looked like some kind of generator.  i’m probably completely wrong on that though.

this little guy decided to visit everyone.  he was a very friendly baby kitty, but it was very tough to get him to sit still so i could take a picture.  as you can see, the pic above was blurry.  😦

baby kitty taking a break from his visit.

a look at the back of the set.  there were a lot of trucks.  the tents were where the extras and the crew took their breaks & ate, i think.

a couple of extras in between shoots.

like i said, the parking lot was overrun by trucks, vans, rv’s, or anything you could think of.

part of the set they built for the movie.  this was supposed to be some kind of night club/dance hall/theater thing.  i thought the name was really silly.  “slapsy maxie’s”?  srsly srs?

this was a poster they made for the night club set.  must have been a very racy picture back in the day.

more of the set they built for the street.  some kind of bar/lounge.

a clothing store called emslie’s.

the storefront to emslie’s.  they brought old-school suits for the display.

ladies wear.

the crew even located some old machines to complete the street set.

the sheriff’s department blocked off part of the street for the shoot.

i think the crew took a shortcut when they built the clothing store set.  i’m guessing there wouldn’t be any wide-angle shots for this part of the street!  either that or they’ll just erase “billiards” with cgi.

this is what the night club set looked like when it was all lit up.  i bet it’d look even better at night.

so that’s what the set looked like.  the whole think took the crew two to three weeks to build, but i wouldn’t be surprised if the scene was only a minute long.  when people say “movie production”, it literally was a production.  i had no idea how many people were involved to build a set like this.  based on my rough observation, at least a hundred people showed up for this job, give or take twenty.  anyway, it was pretty neat.

[Nov 7, 2011] well, it turns out that slapsie maxie was a real person.  max “slapsie maxie” rosenbloom was a boxer turned actor and night club owner; the nickname came from his boxing style.  rosenbloom operated various clubs in los angeles and frisco; the gangster mickey cohen purportedly had a hand in the night club featured in the movie.

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  1. That’s pretty neat – thanks for sharing and taking a lot of pictures so that your readers can get a feel of it. If ever you find out what movie it is, please let us know.

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