i don’t want to get into specifics, but recently i had a conversation with someone about the state of pool.  (don’t you just love the sound of that?  seems so grand.)  i heard the take on pool that was funny, frustrating, and heartbreaking all at the same time.  it almost make me want to quit pool, but it is what it is.  as earl rogan once said, “pool is a beautiful game played by ugly people”.  it unfortunately is quite true on more than the fashion front.

i wrote a post awhile ago about the difference between gambling and hustling, a subject i consider a dead horse due to the severe beating i unleashed upon it.  simply put, hustling, which involves deception and cheating, is bad and bad for the sport.  gambling is a neutral activity; think lottery tickets.  because gambling is neutral, it can become good or bad depending on what intention you put into it.  hustling, since it involves lying and cheating, is almost always bad.  yes, there may be some exceptions, but tell me the last time you saw a hustler ripping 10 grand off a mob boss to save an orphanage.  just doesn’t happen.

so what intention is behind hustling?  i’d say avarice, both in a material sense and a mental sense.  i contend that people hustle not only for the money, but for the feeling of power that comes with hustling.  after awhile, a person can become so greedy for that money and the feeling of power that the act of hustling becomes an addictive drug, because merely gambling is not good enough anymore.  as with any drug, after you’re severely addicted, you use the drug not to get high anymore, but merely to stop you from crashing––what is called drug dependence.

Drug dependence means that a person needs a drug to function normally. Abruptly stopping the drug leads to withdrawal symptoms.

National Center for Biotechnology Information

i don’t have any research to back this up, but i personally believe that you can become addicted to lying, cheating, and hustling.  the price you pay is the erosion of your soul, your sense of right and wrong, and your moral character.  when a person has developed this “i’m gonna get mine, and i hope you get yours” mentality, that person is pretty much done.  we are very much influenced by our beliefs.  if you live by avarice, you will die by avarice; if not today, then tomorrow, because someone will return payment in deadly ways that will kill you.

so please, be kind to yourself.  if you must have avarice, then be greedy for your good name and upstanding character, for the price of you is above rubies.

on the munchies front, a friend of mine dropped off some spring rolls.

i’m sure many of you have eaten spring rolls before; the ones i got were the vietnamese variety with peanut sauce.  (i’ve heard that some places serve it with a plum sauce, but i’ve never had it.)  the thing about spring rolls is that they are very refreshing on the palate, since nothing in the roll is fried or salted.  the rolls rely on the ingredients and the sauce to bring out the flavor; once dipped, you get a coating of peanut sauce to counteract the pleasing blandness of the ingredients.  it’s a perfect snack or lunch if you don’t want to get weighed down after eating.  if spring rolls are not available around your neighborhood, look for online recipes; i’ve found a few and they look very straightforward to prepare.  you can also check out the various peanut sauce and plum sauce recipes for different flavors; the once i’ve seen also look simple to make.  happy grubbing!

[nov. 30, 2011] i just realized that the spring rolls in the picture look like weird alien fingers.  hee hee.

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  1. The Chinese call it “losing face” or “to lose face”. This is a very important concept in the Chinese culture. When someone loses face, it is very hard to redeem it back.

    SPring rolls, I love the vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls. It’s really not hard to make. The sauce can either be peanut sauce, as you stated, or fish sauce that I believe is mixed with carrots, turnips, sugar, and something else. Alien fingers? I can see it now.

    • hi q+b, sorry for the late response; my apologies.

      not sure how losing face is related to greed, unless you’re talking about the person who got ripped off by a hustler would lose face. as far as the fish sauce goes, i typically see it accompanying deep fried egg rolls, not so much the spring rolls. but i could be wrong. the plum sauce may go well with either item though; i may have to experiment a bit.

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