it’s getting close to the end of the year, my pool playing is slowing down a bit, so for the time being i’m turning this blog into foodriah: eating outside and in.  😛

my other bomba~* friend golly very generously treated me to dinner one night.  she picked this excellent restaurant in l.a. and we proceeded to chow down.  what’s life without friends treating you to dinner?  man, i’m a lucky bastard.

being an epicure with an excellent palate, golly decided on a great menu for the evening.  please pardon my craptastic photos; i didn’t want to use flash because it’d make all the colors go weird.  maybe i should have.

first up, we had the ahi tuna tower with assorted fresh veggies on wonton crisps.  the tuna was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  the accompanying veggies weren’t there for decoration; they helped draw out the flavor of the tuna as well as provided interesting contrasts which made the dish more refreshing.  the sauce tied the whole thing together.

we then had the corn chowder.  it literally tasted like fresh corn kernels, with the accompanying natural sweetness.  i committed culinary faux pas by adding pepper too quickly.  😯  i was fortunate not to be chased out of the joint by the chef, and hope i would get a chance to make it up later.

the main course.  golly selected the ABLT sandwich for us––avocado bacon lettuce tomato sandwich.  this was no ordinary BLT variant, folks.  first, the bacon was the thicker-cut version, with an excellent smoke on it.  the tomato also tasted different.  as for the A in ABLT, an entire avocado was used for each sandwich; no skimping on the ingredients here.  the best part of the sandwich for me, however, was the bread.  sure, it was sourdough bread, but it was so perfect in its sourdough-ness i wished i had a side of bread with just butter.  when i have excellent bread, i just wanna eat it with butter to get the full flavor of the dough.  and this was very good bread.

also, note the skinny fries on the plate; the fries here were terrific, just like everything else served here.  the restaurant had this spicy mustard which was super tasty with the fries; golly too found the mustard tasty.  😀

we walked out the restaurant very satisfied.  i hope to get enough money from panhandling to treat golly to something equally yummy.  donate now!  😛

oh, and this is for you, golly.  😀

speaking of restaurants, i have a couple of restaurant pet peeves in general, and both are restroom-related.  i hate it when a restroom inside the restaurant doesn’t have hot water.  it’s not a big deal in summer, but totally sucks during wintertime.  i also can’t stand restrooms with those automatic faucets, because they never work.  my typical experience is two seconds after i stick my hands under the auto faucet, the water shuts off.  then i gotta do some weird monkey dance with my hands to get the water running again.  VERY annoying.  anyway, this restaurant we ate at didn’t have those problems, so that was good.

in the off chance that restaurant owners are reading this post, please fix those issues in your restaurants.  you’ll have my gratitude.

♦     ♦     ♦

this week we’ll look at the phrase “cash on the barrelhead”.

barrelhead is the flat top part of a barrel.  around the 1900s, people in the US would use the top of the barrel as a table to conduct impromptu transactions, such as buying and selling stuff.  the term came to be associated with immediate payment for purchases or transactions.  so when you hear someone say “cash on the barrelhead”, it means he/she wants cash payment immediately.  keep that check in your pocket!

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  1. The ahi tuna dish looks like it is to die for. Restaurants and restrooms – we went to one burger joint where they did not even have rest rooms. Do you believe that?

    • the tuna was very good. shoot, the whole meal was great.

      it’s pretty bad when a place doesn’t even have a restroom. that could become a problem in a hurry!

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