here we go

well, here is my first post of this year.  well, substantively my first post of the year, to be specific.  technically my first post in 2012 is the happy new year post, but i can’t really call it my first post in good conscience, since i didn’t really write anything of note.  anyway, my (kind of) first post will be light; nothing major, just a quick starter.

didn’t do much in new year’s eve.  i did hang out with golly on new year’s day at––where else––the pool hall.  hard times had their first sunday tournament, and the first sunday happened to be the new year’s day.  interesting coincidence, but i don’t think it meant much.  the field wasn’t as big as the typical first sunday’s gathering, but we could probably chalk it up to various hangovers or new year’s celebration.  there was live streaming of the event, so that was something new.  i don’t know how many people watched it, but supposedly the net traffic was decent, so we’ll see if this happens in the future.

i was gonna take some pictures of the tournament, but i was feeling really lazy, so here’s a simulated picture instead.

the picture is not an exact facsimile of the event, but you get the drift.  i didn’t play, so i just watched.  there were some decent matches as always, hard time’s first sunday typically attracted a number of local pros.  some of the notables in attendance were big wave dave & santos sambajon jr.

golly and i took a break and got some chinese food, asian restaurants being one of the few open businesses on new year’s day.  we got a few tasty dishes, but again i was too hungry/lazy to take pics, so i found this one on google image search.  i think it’s pretty close to what we ordered.

it was a tasty meal, and i totally pigged out.

anyway, that was my new year’s day.  i hung out, ate some yummy food, and just chilled.  nothing too exciting.  hope you all had a fun and relaxing new year’s day.  now back to pool.  and more food.  oh boy . . .

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  1. Happy New Year! The fried prawns look yummy. Did yours have the head still in tact? If you liked the dish and you like calamari, try to salty spicy squid next time you get a chance.

    • happy new year q+b! the salt & pepper shrimp was great; we had the ones with the head & shell on. hope you had some yummy food during the new year as well!

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