calling jenny craig

quiet on the pool front, so off to eat more with friends.  man, this foodriah thing is kind of getting outta control.

my asian friendishes and i went for more thai.

this is the thai bamboo shoots dish. very good.

you can’t have thai without some thai fried rice.

when you eat at a thai restaurant, you have to have some chili peppers.  my absolute favorite part of the meal.

if you like spicy stuff, it’s pretty easy to make those peppers.  actually, you don’t really have to make anything except for a little chopping.  go find a bottle of fish sauce.  then get some thai chili peppers, also called bird’s eye chili.  find a small container (or a large one if you’re making a big batch) with lid.  chop the chili to desired size.  now pour the fish sauce into the container, fill it to about half full.  dump the chopped chili into the container, close the lid, then let it sit for a day (or two).  if you’re doing a rush job, let the chili marinate for three hours.  you can fridge it or not, up to you, just make sure you seal the lid really well.  if you don’t, it will stink up your house or fridge like nothing you’ve ever smelled.  after the chilies finish soaking, fish them out (i recommend a slotted spoon) and eat with your favorite thai dish.  and get the fire extinguisher ready.

you can soak the chili straight with fish sauce & it’ll be fine, but i have heard of people making this with fish sauce and fresh lime juice.  i’ve never had it, but feel free to experiment; it sounds like a good combo to me.  also, i’m sure you can use the finished product for cooking your favorite thai dish.  that should also work.  (how can you say no to thai fried rice made with those chilies?!)

s~* is getting crazy.  it’s like i’m binge eating or something.  well, maybe i’ll stop with like a resolution or something.  yeah.  hopefully i’ll get off my lazy a~* and do some more pool stuff.  gonna take the next week off from blogging so no post next week.  later folks.

4 comments on “calling jenny craig

  1. foodriah – great looking food again, you’re really into the Asian food eh? Lucky that you are around the area where there are tons of food to eat. Thanks for the recipe on the chili thingy, I don’t think I’ll be making it – it’s way too hot for my taste buds. Happy pool playing.

    • asian food is pretty awesome. i do enjoy various international cuisines–asian, italian, mexican, you name it. they’re all delicious. of course, a good burger with fries also hit the spot.

      spicy chili is delicious. it sounds like you don’t eat spicy; what a shame. i personally think that chili peppers are good for you, but that’s just me. 😀

  2. I do eat spicy stuff, just not those bird’s eye chili stuff – I’ve had my share of that and I know how spicy it can be. If you ever are in an Asian store, look for something call “Sambal Manis” made by an Indonesian company call ABC. It’s an Indonesian chili sauce which has a similar texture of ketchup.

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