a blockbuster of a deal

a few days ago i decided to take advantage of blockbuster’s free trial of its total access program.  it’s basically the netflix knockoff with the blockbuster logo.

the terms of the program seem self-explanatory.  get your movies in the mail or in store.  plus, i’d imagine that most people have wandered around a blockbuster late at night, in beat-up sweatshirts or jammies, looking for a movie at least once when they first opened.  ah, the crispy bacony smell of nostalgia.  so i signed up.

the process is pretty easy.  after you sign up, you go online and load up your movie list with your faves, and in a few days you will get them in the mail.  depending on what you select, you can get up to three movies/games at one time.  when you mail them back, you get more movies/games on your list.  again, just like netflix.  as you can see in the pic, you can go to your local store and exchange your movies if you’re feeling impatient, and i was.  hey, “unlimited in-store exchanges”, no?  so i turned in my old movies and got new ones from the store.  and after i got done with the new batch, i went back to the store to get some more movies.

the very polite clerk scanned the new new batch of movies, and said “$4.98 please.”

wha . . . ?

turns out, you can only get new movies at the store if you have movies from the mail.  so once you get movies from the physical store and return them, you’ll have to wait for more movies in the mail before you can go back to the store again.  unless you want to pay extra, of course.

so what’s with the “unlimited exchange” part?  chalk it up to fine print, i guess.

and another thing.  the business hours for the local stores listed on the blockbuster website are inaccurate.  i checked the hours on bb’s website for a local store.  when i got there, the store was already closed, and the hours at the store were totally different from bb’s website.

i’m very grateful for bb’s free trial, because i got to watch a few movies that i had wanted to watch.  but their program just seems too disjointed, and with netflix and redbox gobbling up the video rental real estate, i don’t believe that bb will be around in two years.  so i’ll be canceling the free trial soon.  thanks bb, but no thanks.  i’m curious to see if netflix is any better.

speaking of movies though, here are some movies and shows i watched lately.

the lincoln lawyer: a nice courtroom drama.  not exactly a plot twister, but an entertaining movie nonetheless.  a good rental.

source code: neat pseudo sci-fi thriller.  i can’t talk about the movie because it’ll ruin the plot.  watch it, it’s quite fun.

thor: meh.  nowhere close to the new batman series with christian bale.  try to watch it for free, cuz i wouldn’t pay for this one.

the warrior: family drama with mma trimmings.  decent action.  and kurt angle looked really intimidating; nicely done.

sucker punch: lame.  don’t waste your time.

killer elite: kinda lame.  you be the judge, but a rental at most.

the debt: cool spy drama with a twist.  a solid rental.

colombiana: most critics trashed the movie, but it’s just your basic revenge action flick.  i didn’t think it’s really that bad; it wasn’t groundbreaking, but it’s a good mindless action movie.  good rental.

the adventures of tin tin: totally cool.  if you didn’t grow up with tin tin, check out the comics and watch the movie.  worth buying this one, and a great rental for you or your kids.

dexter season 6: F~*ING CRAZY.  A MUST WATCH.  buy or rent for this.

and since we’re on videos, watch this insane stop-motion vid with legos.  C R A Z Y.

2 comments on “a blockbuster of a deal

  1. Thanks for the heads up on BB. We’re about to sack our premium station on our cable television, $50 a month is just not worth it anymore. But a free trial is still a free trial. I wonder if they’ll be selling your information to other marketing firms.

    • hey q+b. that’s not even a question, they WILL sell my info to ad companies (if they haven’t done so already). price of a free trial, i guess.

      i haven’t checked out netflix yet, but they might be better than bb. they just recently dropped the price back down to the original level after that streaming fiasco, so it may be worth it. plus u pick the movies u want & u don’t have to drive to a store. always a plus.

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