cool article on dennis orcollo (thanks billiard traveler!)

just in case you haven’t read it, espn has an article on dennis orcollo and the pool scene in the philippines.  thanks billiard traveler for the heads-up!

here’s an excerpt.

Orcollo, 33, doesn’t look like anything special.  He’s 5’5″ and would weigh less than his 150 pounds if not for the small belly punctuating his thin frame.  You would not pick Orcollo out of the crowds of Filipinos in the pool halls that are as characteristic of this country as the jeepneys that ferry passengers through the crowded streets.  His appearance is well-suited to a game in which the goal is not to win a few racks but to be underestimated — and thus take the money your overconfident opponent has wagered on the match.

Orcollo has won so many money matches over the years that he is forced into long stretches of solitude, like this one at Star Billiards Center, where he is practicing.  No one underestimates him or plays him for money anymore. . . .
(read the article here)

also, i did not realize that the wpba is now allowing men to play in their tournaments.  i should probably sign up.


have a good week & weekend guys!

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