odd ditties

some random links to kill that monday boredom.

Google and Netflix Make Land Grab On Edge Of Internet

It’s Official: Neutrinos Can’t Beat Speed of Light

Clothes Will Sew Themselves in Darpa’s Sweat-Free Sweatshops (sewing special for q&b :D)

5 Beloved Ethnic Foods Invented for Americans

Chips, Crisps, Croustilles: A Global Tour of Unusual Potato Chip Flavors

The Complete History of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (caution: nerdfest)

50 Things a Man Does Not Have to Do Before He Dies

2 comments on “odd ditties

  1. The Sweat Free article is pretty cool. Imagine being able to go to a store and pushing some buttons and viola, a shirt / pants / dress comesm out. Thanks for sharing.

    • actually, i was thinking about quilts that’ll sew themselves. you pick the pattern and materials, and the machine does the sewing automatically. that’d be cool.

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