i’d like the guilt, cooked medium rare, a bottle of shame, and a side of self-loathing

it has been a while, gentle readers.  on the pool front, not much is happening, but i’m getting my stroke back, albeit slowly.  the operating word here is slowly.  did i mention slow?  good.  call it ploddingly if you like a different word.

since my last post i’ve continued my pigging ways (not to be confused with the weirding way).  now that i’m tipping the scale at around 300 lbs, my cardiologist is recommending that i get on some drogas to mitigate the situation.  ahh, there’s nothing tastier than a burger topped with pickles and lipitor.  let the feast continue!

the weather has been quite hot here in socal, so a dream cone from chick-fil-a is a must.  i’ve had many soft-serve cones, but the chick-fil-a version tastes the best to me.  i think it beats everybody else’s cone by a mile.

i also got some japanese fried rice.  this is part of a lunch special, but the fried rice itself is quite tasty.  the flavor is savory and unctuous, probably from lard.

one cannot have lunch without breakfast.  i went back and got more of that pot roast breakfast i wrote about a while back.  this time, i skipped the hash browns and opted for the peach instead.  gotta watch my girlish figure!  well, if you count roseanne barr as a girl, that is.

asian friendishes treated me to a feast.  this is an item of questionable legality.  if you can figure out what it is more power to you.  😀

my friend and i also decided to check out famous dave’s.  we each ordered a platter; the picture above shows both.

i went with the brisket plate.  you get one side dish and a corn bread muffin; i picked fries for my platter.  as you can see, the briskets are served on a slice of grilled toast.

my friend got the ribs plate with jalapeño mac & cheese.  that mac & cheese is frigging great.

i liked my brisket plate; it kind of tasted like pot roast, but with bbq sauce.  my friend didn’t like the ribs unfortunately, citing an artificial smoke flavor on the ribs.  the bbq style is quite different than what we’re used to; the food is not bad, but i’m not quite sure if my friend and i would return anytime soon.  i didn’t regret trying it though; you have to explore a little to find tasty grubs.

lastly, a picture of pure carne-ge.  cover your eyes if you’re a veggietarian.

ok fine, there are beans and a little bit of lettuce in the bowl.  lettuce not nitpick on technicalities.  😛  until next time.

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  1. You just had to torture my lunch hour with delicious looking food. My mind is literally spinning now… BBQ sounds soooo good.

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