books for december

howdy folks.  since pool is on the slow side right now, here are a few books for you to read.

Vince Vlynn’s The Last Man

the last man

i’m going to do something i’ve not done before: i am going to do a blind recommend this time.  i have not read The Last Man yet, but based on flynn’s previous novels i feel confident that his latest release will be a bunker buster––guaranteed to blow s~* up.

David Baldacci’s Zero Day

zero day

this is a semi-blind recommend since i have not finished the book yet.  Zero Day came out last year; the story revolved around john puller jr., a warrant officer who worked as a special agent for the criminal investigative division (CID) of the US Army.  puller was assigned a murder case in rural west virginia, and the story . . . well, you gotta read it for yourself.  don’t wanna spoil it!

Brad Thor’s Black List

black list

if you wanna get totally freaked out by what a tech company with an agenda and a desire to overreach its boundaries can do to people or persons, read this book.  you will never look at technology the same way ever again.  thor’s books revolve around an ex-Navy SEAL named scot harvath, so feel free to start at the first book to get a better sense of harvath’s history.

Anthony Bourdain’s Get Jiro

get jiro

bourdain, known for his travel channel shows No Reservations and The Layover, is a prolific writer of foodstuff.  (search amazon or barnes & nobles to see his list of books for sale.)  for his latest entry, bourdain decided to get into comic books.  Get Jiro, whose mysterious main protagonist is chef jiro, loosely follows (in my opinion) the plot of the classic japanese film Yojimbo, which loosely follows the plots of dashiell hammett novels, if you believe the intarwebs.  (btw, watch yojimbo if you have not seen it.)  the book gave me a very entertaining hour.  is the effort worth the asking price?  i personally don’t think so, but the story is very entertaining.  if you buy it, i’d recommend the ebook version since it’s cheaper.  it’s available from all three major ebook hawkers: apple, amazon, and barnes & noble.  if not, check local libraries for a copy or borrow from a friend.

speaking of ebooks, many local libraries now have a collection of ebooks you can borrow.  you’d typically download a small app onto your phone, tablet, or computer, then you can check out books just like you’re at the library.  if you own an e-reading device, take this service for a spin.  until next time, gentle readers.

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  1. According to hubby, Vince Flynn is a great author. Yes, his past books are great. I have it on order already from the library. As for Baldacci, his books are good too, I use to read his books, maybe will pick it back up if it is available on audio books from the library. Thanks for the heads up.

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