howdy folks, and happy belated new year.  it’s been quite awhile since my last post.  call it laziness or boredom, but i just didn’t have anything to put up here.  not much happening pool-wise except for the recent TAR match; i didn’t watch it but i heard that svb ran right through darren appleton.  i think the next TAR will feature mike dechaine, so look for it if you’re interested.

i didn’t do a whole lot except stuffing my face, so here are some pics of my recent carnage.


ramen of course.  gotta have the staple.

me and asian friends went for asian food.  in chinese cuisine, soup dumpling, or xiao long bao (xlb), is a famous item that has gained popularity in the western hemisphere in recent years.  so off we went.

xlb trip 01

here’s the cucumber appetizer.  very refreshing and palate-cleansing, which perfectly readies you for . . .

xlb trip 02

 . . . the famous xlb.  the pork filling was delicious, the skin chewy yet delicate.  try this at least once.

xlb trip 03

the restaurant also offers regular dumplings.  the pork filling was chewier than the ones in the xlb but also delicious.

xlb trip 04

stir-fried green beans.  for something so basic, this dish absolutely stole the show.  the ingredients are simple: green beans, salt & garlic.  however, the execution of the dish was so perfect, the beans wokked so spot-on, that my friends and i wiped the dish out in mere minutes.  should have ordered two plates.

continuing the theme of asian food, we also tried a different place that offered the beef noodle soup.

beef noodle trip 01

here’s the beef noodle soup.  the broth was quite savory but very flavorful.  the hand-made knife noodle, however, was the star of this show––chewy with a very meaty mouth-feel, this is the noodle to get for this dish (several types of noodles were available).

beef noodle trip 02

pan-fried pork dumplings.  very good with soy-vinegar dipping sauce.

while the food was delicious, the owner (or manager) of this place was so b**chy and so mean to her employee that the meal became less tasty than it should have been.  she openly scolded her waitress right in front of the customers!!  the owner did not stop berating that poor woman the entire time we were there.  i was shocked at how the owner’s attitude actually ruined our meal; i would go back to this place, but the owner is making me think twice.  there’s a good chance that my friends and i won’t eat there again.  anyway, that’s it for now.  laters.

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  1. What a field trip you had, thanks for sharing. Love ramen noodles. Have you tried Jamaican oxtail? It might just be up your alley too.

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