good bye, mr. kyle

chris kyle, a decorated former SEAL and best-selling author, was killed on feb. 2, 2013.  he was 38 years old.

kyle was best known as the SEAL sniper with the most confirmed kills in the US military history.  after his service, he penned the book American Sniper which became a best-seller.  details are scant at the moment, but it seemed that kyle was killed at a charity event by a former Marine with PTSD.  it was believed that kyle was trying to help the former Marine deal with his problems.  the motive for the killing is unclear for now.

a while back i recommended mr. kyle’s book on this blog.  for what it’s worth, i really enjoyed your book mr. kyle.  i’m saddened by your senseless death, and i thank you for your service to this country.  rest in peace.