so this is the first post of this year.  i guess i missed that whole resolution boat by almost a month, but i don’t make resolutions, so it makes no difference to me.  hopefully you folks won’t mind.

i have not played any pool for a while now; work has occupied most of my time since i perpetually need money for expenses.  but although i am not physically playing, it still takes up a good piece of real estate in my head, if you subscribe to the mind-is-an-attic-slash-storage-space theory.  if you believe that memory is like an elastic, expandable band, then pool takes up approximately 24 GB of . . . never mind.  wayyy off topic.

like i mentioned in the past, power has been a pool ability that has eluded me for years.  i have consistently had trouble with power in pool.  being able to generate power, and thereby having a powerful stroke, remains a topic that i pursue.  unfortunately, i don’t know anyone who can teach me a powerful stroke, so i decided to watch alot of videos to figure out what the deal is.  i concentrated on players who are known to have a powerful stroke so i can try to figure out what i am not doing.  the process took me some time and alot of thought, but i was able to generate more power now.  to be more precise, i am able to use my existing power more efficiently, thereby increasing my power on the table.  so i did not change physically, but i improved my technique to get a better result from what i have.  now that i have started playing again, i was able to put my research to the test.  glad to say that everything works.

since i’ve been busy, i’ve only had time to watch a few movies.  the wolverine was surprisingly decent; it’s a side story, so those who are really into the orthodox wolverine canon may scoff at this film, but it’s a fun action flick if you don’t take it too seriously.  man of steel is another surprise hit; the special effects in particular are awesome.  watch it on your brand new hdtv to really take it in.  i also watched drug war, a movie from mainland china.  this film was a bit disappointing; the story is a pretty linear police drama, with a few twists inserted in between.  if you missed this one you didn’t miss much.

one final note.  allie brosh of hyperbole and a half has written a book titled Hyperbole and a Half.  it’s probably one of the most endearing book you’ll read, so pick up a copy.

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