solicitation is illegal is some states

as i mentioned previously, i just recently started playing again.  it’s a little sad in some ways, because all the same people are still there and playing at the same level.  it’s as if no one cares about improving themselves; they are content just batting balls around all day.  sometimes i wonder if they have life outside of the pool hall.  do they dine out with friends?  spend time with family?  read?

none of my business, i guess.

now that i’m playing again, some folks at the pool hall had asked where i’ve been.  it feels nice to have people ask about you. strangely, no one related my absence to work. i honestly thought they would think that i was busy working.  perhaps working is a foreign concept at the pool hall.  i sometimes think that people become pool players to avoid working a job.  i’ve talked to some players who would flat out confess that to you.  “f~* work,” they would say.  the downside is a lack of health insurance, 401k, and a steady source of income.  but pool players seem to get around those societal constraints somehow.

anyway, i saw a sprinkling of new faces at the pool hall.  this one dude was practicing near me.  he seemed to have a decent stroke and solid techniques, and was pocketing balls just fine.  then along came moe.

moe (not his real name) is one of the regulars at the pool hall.  he plays a decent game, and is fairly respected in the pool circle for having been around a long time.  many consider him to be semi-pro.  so moe spotted the young’un and right away introduced hisself first thing.  the second thing that came out of moe’s mouth was to inquire the youngster if he ever took pool lessons.

a little context here.  i don’t really know what moe does for a living.  from what i hear, moe does the occasional cue repair, sells them if he can, and gives lessons when he can wrangle up a few suckers customers.  so pool lessons is one way he gets that bread & buttuh.

gee, you’re awfully mean, poolriah.  maybe so.  the thing is, if someone pitches me pool lessons, or any lesson, there will be several things running through my mind.  is he any good?  can he teach?  will his playing style jive with mine?  has anyone heard of this person?  why is he so interested in giving me lessons?

you get the gist.

i understand that moe has to eat.  i don’t begrudge him of that.  i am wondering what criteria do we use when it comes to pool instructors.  if you’re new to pool, how would you know which teacher you can trust?  are you paying too much and learning too little?  maybe your instructor’s style just doesn’t work with you, either physically or mentally.  who do you ask?

after moe made his pitch, he started giving pointers to the young’un, telling to play shape this way and that.  from what i could see, the young’un seemed to play worse the more tips moe gave.

*cue the captain picard face palm meme*

another one bites the dust.

here is an unrelated thought.  i think you can have tremendous power but very little stroke.  i’ve observed many players who could hit the ball with bunker buster force but do very little with the cueball.  it’s as if the atomic power that struck the ball just dissipated immediately after the collision, leaving nothing to move the cueball.  a very strange phenomenon.

’til next time, gentle readers.

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