it’s almost the end of the year again. year in, year out, time advances so quickly i feel like i can hardly catch a breath. i’ve been shirking my blogging duties completely but i don’t feel too bad about it, mainly because i’m enjoying the things i do outside of blogging. i’ve been enjoying the company of friends, good meals, and explorations in pool techniques. things are fun for me right now.

as far as blogging goes, i’m not very eager to share what i’ve discovered in pool. not that they’re great discoveries, but i just don’t feel the need to write what i’ve learned. based on my experience, pool players are not a particularly open-minded or appreicative lot. besides, what i’ve learned probably won’t translate to other people’s playing styles, so i’ll let each discover his/her own techniques that best suit his/her individual style of play. i think that’ll work out the best. after all, i’m hardly qualified to teach anyone. a little secret though: i watch a lot of videos. that’s how i learn. maybe that’ll help you.

sometimes i’m astounded at pool players’ mentality. i still don’t understand why the bench warmers, those who never bother to pick up a cue and instead content with just sitting and watching, enjoy making snide remarks about people they’re watching. somehow they feel entitled to talk while never bother to get on the table. takes all kinds i guess. i have noticed that the ones who don’t talk a lot are the ones you should watch out for. you don’t really see efren mouthing off, do you?

speaking of efren, the filipino contingent continues to assault the US soil with their spectacular play. the scary thing is that new champions continue to pop up from nowhere, as if Philippines magically produces world champion pool players from thin air. the truth is probably less mythical than that, but that’s my impression. Taiwan is another place that grows champions by the bushel (e.g., Ko brothers). Korea and China also sprout many champions, but it seems more female champions come out of Korea and China than male champions. i could be wrong though. other Asian and south Asian countries are lagging. if you want to play competitive pool, Asia seems to be the hot spot right now. maybe things will change for the better in the US. i hope anyway.

so have a great new years folks. don’t drink too much, don’t celebrate too crazy, and enjoy your time with your loved ones. that’s really what’s important.