portable audio (sort of)

recently i got a chance to play with a pair of headphones. you may not know that i enjoy a good set of ‘phones. i do. it’s quite useful, especially when you don’t wanna disturb people with your music or movie.

you may be familiar with the company Velodyne. in the audio world, they’re pretty famous for their home theater subwoofers. they now design a line of headphones for the consumer market. the one i listened to is the vTrue model. (http://velodyne.com/vtrue-headphones-forged-aluminum.html) the look of the ‘phones is something else. it is made with forged aluminum and leather, & the ear portion is shaped like a teardrop. made to be visually striking, Velodyne is no doubt trying to compete with the likes of Beats and Monster headphones. being quite bulky and heavy, these ‘phones are made more for home use than on-the-go listening.

being Velodyne headphones, people familiar with the brand would assume the bass is outstanding, and the vTrue does not disappoint. these headphones excel at EDM tracks, rap, or any other bass-heavy songs. fans of Tiësto & other trance music will be delighted with these bassy performers. as an added bonus, midrange sounds clean and warm. contralto voices sound particularly rich with the vTrue.

the shortcoming of vTrue is in the treble department. when it comes to reproducing high notes, treble tends to get washed out by the midrange and bass, and the soundstage of the high notes seem to become distant & reverberant. it’s an odd effect, although i can’t say it’s really unpleasant. i think it’s tolerable.

comfort-wise, these ‘phones are about average. the heavy weight of the material can tire your head after a long listening session, but i experienced no discomfort after two hours of listening. the earpads surrounded my ears just fine, but i have heard of people complaining that the earpads don’t surround their ears, but rather sit on them. if your ears are large, you may wanna look elsewhere.

with the sensitivity rated at 95 dB and resistance at 24 ohms, the vTrue is very smartphone- and portable player-friendly. you should be able to drive these ‘phones directly with your mp3 player without any problems. if you decide to use amplification, remember to set the bass boost to zero. these ‘phones have plenty of bass; boosting the lows can make the ‘phones sound muddy.

anyway, the Velodyne vTrue is a swell set of ‘phones. it is not a well-rounded performer, however. if you listen to a lot of bass-heavy music, or if you like deep, clean, and well-controlled bass, give these a listen. like all headphones, the vTrue’s sound is affected by the designers’ biases. you should be a happy camper when you align your musical preferences with the vTrue’s strengths.

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  1. Nice design headphones – The brown pleather / leather gives it a classic look. What do I know – I’m using a $5.99 headphones.

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