if you’re a fedora-wearing, big-beards-having, ear-hooping, selfie-taking, & self-promoting hipster douchebag pool player, your dream has now come true. there is now a pool reality tv show, and it will air later this month. *golf clap*

i won’t bother linking the show here. i will say that the show is centered around some players in NYC, and from what i can find out about the show, they’ll try to gamble/hustle each other, plus whatever mishegoss they can muster. what “hustling” will mean will be up to the people involved with that show. my cursory look through the “talent” roster didn’t reveal much, except that many of them appropriately look like d-bags. (i’m personally hoping there will be one exception who decides not to act like a douchebag. but the way reality shows edit their raw footage, anything goes.) we will likely get some full bore douche-on-douche action, which will probably make a pretty wet show.

that said, i try to be fair on this blog. so i will don my neoprene suit & watch some episodes to make sure i didn’t make a hasty judgement. (there may be drugs present to dull the senses. and snacks.) i will try to give my opinions after, assuming it’s not too horrible to mention. hold on to your gentle ears, my fair readers. or watch it yourself and gimme your take on it. cheers.

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