a rambling reflection

i was going to post something earlier this week, but the whole christmas thing plus all the foods threw me into a semi-permanent coma.  i’m surprised that i remembered how to type.  anyway, just gonna rattle off some stuff in my brain.

this will be the last post of this year, which means i completed the post a week 2011 project.  ok, i cheated, since i only did a few months of it, but looking at my archive, i have been pretty good at posting once a week, so i completed the project in my own way even if i joined late.  i do feel a little burned out, so for next year i’ll probably slow down to catch my breath.  a vacation from blogging sounds like a good idea; maybe i’ll do that.

i wish people will stop self-destruct, in pool and in life.  there seems to be a whole lot of bickering about essentially nothing.  gotta pay me before i’d make an appearance.  i’m gonna boycott you if you don’t put my name on this-and-that.  get over yourselves.  pool is a slowly sinking ship that’s gaining a downward momentum; if the bickering doesn’t stop no one will have a ship to sail on.

onto another self- topic: self-deception.  lying to others is one thing, but lying to yourself is the epitome of dumbness.  you should ALWAYS know what you want AND realize the consequences of your choices.  don’t lie to yourself.  if you can’t be faithful to your significant other, stop wasting your time and split because he/she will find out anyway.  or if you really like someone, ask him/her out straight up and stop with the games.  in the pool game for fame and glory?  put it out there and don’t bother hiding it.  it’s never a good thing when people perceive you as shifty.  also, don’t try to hide who you are.  again, people find out eventually.  it’s foolish to try to cultivate a persona, in pool or in life, when you’re not that person.  as i’ve said before, people are not that dumb.  they have eyes.

as for me, i find that if i stay curious about pool, there’s always something new to learn.  a new technique (and boy, is there ever).  a new perspective.  also, i find that the best policy is to observe something first (if you can).  things are not what they seem, and premature comments can make you look foolish.  not saying this will work for you, but i find it to be a good policy to have.  here are two examples that i found that illustrate quite brilliantly that things are more complex beneath the surface.  they’re not related to pool, but the two articles are an interesting read.  see here and here.

so here’s to the new year.  as is my habit, i will not make any resolutions.  i will try to keep my eyes open and see what i can learn.  and for my pool brethren and sistren, stay curious.  for those of you in the pacific time zone, when you celebrate tonight, stay safe.  here’s to a happy new year.


more fata~*sery

my bomba~* friend and i decided to have some korean grubs for dinner.  my five readers may remember about the post i did on a korean market; my asian friendishes and i do enjoy various asian cuisine, including korean food.  this night we picked korean tofu.

i believe koreans call this dish soon tofu; some spell it soondobu or soondubu.  basically, it’s tofu in a burning hot soup that varies in spiciness; you can make a diablo version if you like a lot of kick in your food.  you can add beef, seafood, veggies, or virtually anything you wish if you make it at home.  my friend and i stayed with the go-to standard: the kimchi beef soon tofu.

as with most korean restaurants, you get an assortment of side dishes to accompany your meal.  most of the time the side dishes are unlimited, so you can get stuffed just by eating the sides.  try to exercise some control!

i made my small plate from all the different sides.  the brown stuff was anchovies; the korean version was sweet and quite good.

the burning cauldron that was soon tofu.  see the bubbles?  the soup was literally boiling when they serve it to your table.  the reason for that was so you could put an egg in it, and cook that egg right at the table.  it’s really hard to tell with a picture, so i took a short video.

happiness in a bowl.  especially during wintertime.

and of course, the ubiquitous rice.  when you eat soon tofu, many restaurants would serve the rice in a small stone pot.  the bottom of the rice would get scorched and firm up.  the server would scoop out the rice, leave the crusty rice on the bottom of the pot, then add either hot water or tea into the pot to loosen up the rice.  the crusty rice would absorb the tea and turn kind of soft, at which time you could scoop it out to eat.  the scorched rice would have this smoky flavor, and the tea added this nice delicate counterpoint to the almost-burned rice flavor.  it ended the meal very nicely.  you can find the rice with tea in other asian cultures, but you typically get regular rice with tea, not scorched rice with tea.  (a simple japanese version would be plain rice and green tea, topped off with a salted plum.)

another excellent meal.  eating with friends is fun!