dumb dun dumb

i watched the new pool reality tv show. i don’t even know where to start.

full disclosure: i watched the first two episodes, each an hour long. this s** works better than xanax. i felt extremely sluggish and apathetic after. maybe mildly homicidal.

this new show is comprised of people i don’t care to know playing in ways i don’t wish to learn in an environment i don’t want to be in. there are two known pros in the show: dechaine & barretta. then there are a bunch of people i don’t know, who act like total douchebags. “act” could be the keyword here, because none of the stuff on the show seem real, or even try to seem real. i don’t even think they’re actual players, just actors hired to be on tv. could be i’m just really out of touch. and there are more screaming and hollering and hopping around than a 70’s gangbang porn, at least what i imagine a 70’s gangbang porn would look like. maybe slightly less hairy, i dunno. correct me if you’re an expert on 70’s gangbang porn, perhaps leave a link in the comments section. on second thought, don’t leave a link.

i would comment on the pool, except what little footage they show are so chopped up & spliced together you never see anyone play a complete game. whoever edited the show must really enjoy stitching, cuz that’s how pool is treated on this program.

of the two pros on the show, dechaine is his usual as*** self~~an unlikable person acting in unlikable ways. barretta on the other hand seemed like she could care less about being there. incidentally, she’s the least douchebaggy of the bunch, but also one of the least interesting character to watch on this show. her husband (i don’t know if that’s her real husband or an actor) relish being a jerk in front of the camera. i could go on.

so this is the new show about pool we get. probably what we deserve right now.


if you’re a fedora-wearing, big-beards-having, ear-hooping, selfie-taking, & self-promoting hipster douchebag pool player, your dream has now come true. there is now a pool reality tv show, and it will air later this month. *golf clap*

i won’t bother linking the show here. i will say that the show is centered around some players in NYC, and from what i can find out about the show, they’ll try to gamble/hustle each other, plus whatever mishegoss they can muster. what “hustling” will mean will be up to the people involved with that show. my cursory look through the “talent” roster didn’t reveal much, except that many of them appropriately look like d-bags. (i’m personally hoping there will be one exception who decides not to act like a douchebag. but the way reality shows edit their raw footage, anything goes.) we will likely get some full bore douche-on-douche action, which will probably make a pretty wet show.

that said, i try to be fair on this blog. so i will don my neoprene suit & watch some episodes to make sure i didn’t make a hasty judgement. (there may be drugs present to dull the senses. and snacks.) i will try to give my opinions after, assuming it’s not too horrible to mention. hold on to your gentle ears, my fair readers. or watch it yourself and gimme your take on it. cheers.

a bunch of reviews

it’s been a long while since i posted anything, so here are some stuff for your perusal.

friend of mine treated me to some ocean delicacy.  behold its glory.


uni closeup

it is sea urchin.  or uni if you’re japanese, or a sushi lover, or a japanese sushi lover.  what, you think all japanese folks are sushi lovers?  you racist bastard.


for those who love sushi, you’ve probably had uni before (and maybe paid a pretty penny for it).  but it is quite an experience to eat it fresh.  i’ve often heard of food shows talking about getting closer to the source, or having more affinity for your food by gathering it yourself.  for me, a total city boy with no outdoor genes whatsoever, this is darn close to catching then eating something with my own hands.  i can see why people would want to catch and eat a fish, instead of buying one from a market.  it is that understanding of what you’re putting in your mouth that brings you closer to what you eat.

maybe this is a sign that i should go kill something.  that will please some vegans.

the flavor of the uni is pretty hard to describe.  it started salty and slightly briny, but much less than i had anticipated.  about two to five minutes after i ate a piece, a sweet flavor emerged.  even from all that sea water loaded with salt, i still tasted a sweetness similar to crab meat, except deeper.  umami is an overused word now, but in this case the word describes the uni flavor quite well.  it’s just one of those thing you have to experience yourself, because no two people would get the same sensation from uni.  at least that’s what i think.  btw, the uni roe is the reproductive organ of the sea urchin, in case you’re not already grossed out.  just here to help.

on the pool front, i’ve recently had a chance to try out the poison vx break/jump cue.  here’s a picture i snagged from the poison cue website.

poison vx break jump cue

poison vx break/jump cue. image retrieved from http://poisonbilliards.com/.

the vx break/jump cue comes with a phenolic tip as standard equipment.  i think the basic gist of the cue is to give you a more efficient way of transferring power to the cueball.  the hard phenolic surface offers almost no shock absorption, so whatever energy you generate will go into the cueball with minimal loss.  i don’t know the weight of this particular break cue, but it feels quite light in my hands.  unfortunately, this break/jump cue did not immediately give me a magical break, so i declare this product a failure.

all kidding aside, i had to really practice my break to get a feel for this cue.  the phenolic tip worked great for transferring energy, but it was also more prone to miscue than leather tips.  i found that concentration was the key to break well with this cue; when i focused on hitting the center of the cueball, the break worked very well.  when i didn’t, i’d miscue like a total amateur.  wait, i AM a total amateur.  never mind.

just like any equipment i’ve ever used, practice is the key.  no cue will give you a magic break/stroke, and this cue is no exception.  but it does work well when you figure out how to use it.  as far as jump shots, i did find it easier to jump due to the phenolic tip.  maybe that’s cheating, but i like that it made things easier for this lazy azz.

players cues makes the HXTP1 pure x break/jump cue.  the pure x breaks down into four pieces, which gives you more configurations.  if you focus a lot on your jump shots, the pure x may work for you since you can customize the length of your jump cue.  i haven’t used it yet so i can’t say how well it works, but the pure x does look like a neat concept.  try them all out for yourself is all i can say.

aside from work, i’ve had a chance to watch a few movies.  Runner Runner is a movie about online gambling, starring ben affleck and justin timberlake.  the movie was panned by most critics, but i thought it was entertaining.  it’s no oscars effort, but i didn’t think it was that bad.  just don’t buy the dvd.

Seeking a friend for the end of the world is a movie about two people connecting right before a giant asteroid is about to strike the earth.  steve carell and keira knightley headline the flick.  the movie surprised me.  the bond between carell’s and knightley’s characters were very sweet and moving.  if you didn’t watch it yet i think you’d be pleasantly surprised.

i also watched R.I.P.D.  i know, dumb show, but i liked it.  the movie made me laugh, so i don’t care.  at least i didn’t watch Twilight.

that’s it for now.  until next time, folks.