i like pool.  love a good meal.  i think i probably write too much, yet i constantly struggle to find topics to write about.  yeah, i’m likely conflicted.  fortunately i’m conflicted but happy.

i love reading.  pick my friends’ brains.  surf the intarweb.  read other people’s blogs.  but i don’t like facebook or twitter much.  a digital troglodyte, if you will.

i think socal is a wonderful place to live, mainly for the temperate weather.  the food isn’t half bad.  the people . . . well, they’re mixed.  we’ll leave it at that.

all these influences affect the way i write, and things i write about.  consequently, it may affect you since you’re reading my blog.  so there.  hopefully my blog is an educating experience, or at least a stimulative one.  now you have all the previous posts to read.  go finish up.