dumb dun dumb

i watched the new pool reality tv show. i don’t even know where to start.

full disclosure: i watched the first two episodes, each an hour long. this s** works better than xanax. i felt extremely sluggish and apathetic after. maybe mildly homicidal.

this new show is comprised of people i don’t care to know playing in ways i don’t wish to learn in an environment i don’t want to be in. there are two known pros in the show: dechaine & barretta. then there are a bunch of people i don’t know, who act like total douchebags. “act” could be the keyword here, because none of the stuff on the show seem real, or even try to seem real. i don’t even think they’re actual players, just actors hired to be on tv. could be i’m just really out of touch. and there are more screaming and hollering and hopping around than a 70’s gangbang porn, at least what i imagine a 70’s gangbang porn would look like. maybe slightly less hairy, i dunno. correct me if you’re an expert on 70’s gangbang porn, perhaps leave a link in the comments section. on second thought, don’t leave a link.

i would comment on the pool, except what little footage they show are so chopped up & spliced together you never see anyone play a complete game. whoever edited the show must really enjoy stitching, cuz that’s how pool is treated on this program.

of the two pros on the show, dechaine is his usual as*** self~~an unlikable person acting in unlikable ways. barretta on the other hand seemed like she could care less about being there. incidentally, she’s the least douchebaggy of the bunch, but also one of the least interesting character to watch on this show. her husband (i don’t know if that’s her real husband or an actor) relish being a jerk in front of the camera. i could go on.

so this is the new show about pool we get. probably what we deserve right now.

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  1. ok… I was holding off on commenting on your post. But now that I’ve watched three episodes – I will comment. I didn’t think the show was that horrible. I never liked Dechaine, but in the show, he was ok. Jennifer, I’ve never met personally, but she seems fine. The person that annoys me is the irish guy, mainly because of his temper. Overall, I thought the show was ok. Not bad, not great – but hopefully it’ll give the pool world a boost in players. But it does portray pool players as you put it, “douchebags”. Oh well, summer is approaching, and there’s nothing else on t.v. except for reruns, I’m definitely dvr-ing this so that I can continue to make fun of Dechaine. Shhhhh.

    • well. your comment was definitely better than my ham-fisted and boneheaded post.

      confession: i watched one more episode just to be sure, making the total count at three episodes. the irish guy is annoying, but i find them all intolerable. that finnegan(?) guy trying to act the boss, mr. barretta being a huge a**h**, that ross kid with the mental age of three, and his shrew of a girlfriend . . . goodness gracious. no thanks. (who the f** spells gregg with two Gs? how do you pronounce it? Greg-g-g?)

      my biggest problem with the show, however, is that they’re using pool as a vehicle to deliver the personalities. pool is treated as an afterthought, and players are treated as the cliche butt monkeys with only two volumes: loud and louder. i understand that it’s a reality show and the focus is on the “stars”, but seriously? and “The List”? what contrivance.

      i’m suprised that barretta chose to take part of this show. she definitely doesn’t need this, unless she’s making a move toward mainstream tv. hmm . . .

      enjoy the show. i’ll stick with reruns.

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